How to lose weight after pregnancy – Follow These Useful Tips

How to lose weight after pregnancy – Follow These Useful Tips

Article by Lily Aw

Gaining weight during pregnancy is a common occurrence to moms. Don’t get too discouraged. Losing weight after baby is not impossible. Begin a healthy diet to work towards your goal to achieve a healthy weight loss after pregnancy. Here are some tips you can lose weight after pregnancy that you will find them useful.

1. Eat sensibly

The weight you have gained throughout the pregnancy period took 9 months to accumulate. Don’t expect it to vanish just like that. So give yourself some time, to understand the procedure of weight loss and to let the measures work upon you. Eventually you will lose weight. Eating a well balanced diet has been one of the success factors for weight loss after pregnancy. Basically, you can follow these simple and effective points:

a. Eat small meals 5-6 times in a day.

b. Take mid-morning snacks.

c. Start eating more leafy greens and fibrous fruits.

d. Cut out deep fried and processed foods as much as you can.

e. Cut down or eliminate alcohol intake.

f. Avoid empty-calorie-foods like sugars and ice-cream as far as possible.

g.Concentrate on more of protein, vitamin and mineral rich food instead of calorie dense food.

h.Drink lots of water. Avoid sodas as they are filled with lots of calories.

2. Exercise

Exercise is a vital component of weight loss after pregnancy. Most pregnant women experience postpartum depression after giving birth. Exercising will be one of the key to be able to beat this depression. Try these exercises,

a. jogging

b. swimming

c. yoga

d. cycling

e. even taking the stairs instead of the elevator counts.

Meanwhile, you can choose to do some light exercises like walking, stretching and breathing exercises. Select your ideal physical activities you may enjoy with your family or with friends. You can also work-out in the privacy of your home and according to your own time schedule. This will help in weight loss after pregnancy according to individual lifestyle. Be conscious of any discomfort when you are working out. If you feel dizzy, stop the exercise and relax. Never push yourself in exercising after giving birth.

New moms should learn to be patient and determined in losing the weight after pregnancy. The balance between the right diet, right activities, and the right amount of rest can be achieved. Never overdo your exercises as your health is of utmost importance. Don’t do on a diet which will rob you off the nutrients.

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