How to Grow Taller With 3 Yoga Exercises

How to Grow Taller With 3 Yoga Exercises

Article by Hayden Carter

Contrary to what you may have read, practicing yoga alone will not help you grow taller. The practice of yoga enables its practitioners to become more limber, fit, and aware of their bodies. For this reason, there are a few yoga exercises that can help you grow taller if they are used properly.

Since yoga in and of itself doesn’t make you taller, then simply for the sake of growing taller, joining a yoga class doesn’t make much sense. That being said, yoga can help you become more limber and, in effect, more physically fit. Being fit and limber will help you go a long way in your journey to grow taller.

Luckily, there are three yoga exercises that you can do at home that will help you grow taller provided that they are performed correctly and regularly. Keep in mind that simply performing these three yoga exercises alone will not make you grow taller – there are other stretching, strengthening, and cardiovascular exercises that you should supplement the yoga exercises with – but they do provide an excellent groundwork.

Here are three yoga exercises to help you grow taller in no particular order:

Seated Side Bends:

Sit down on the floor or a mat if you have one and cross your legs. With your elbows pointing straight out to the sides, lace your fingers behind your head. Using this as a starting position, bend at your torso to the right down as far as your body will allow, feeling the stretch, and hold for one to two seconds. Slowly return to the upright position and repeat for the left side. Continue alternating sides until you have completed 10 repetitions for each side

Pelvis Thrusts:

Lie down on your back on your mat or on the floor. From this position, bring your knees up so that your legs are bent and the heels of your feet are touching your behind. Reach your hands down and grasp your ankles. From this position, in a controlled manner, thrust your pelvis upwards while maintaining the rest of your body in as much of a still position as possible. Repeat 10 times.

Back Stretch:

While still lying on your back, cross your legs into the classic “yoga position” so that the tops of your feet and toes are resting on top of the opposite thigh. Keeping your head on the mat or the floor, bend your neck upwards so that you are essentially looking behind you. Arch your back up as high as is comfortable for you, feeling the stretch. Hold this position for about 3 seconds and then return to the mat. Repeat 10 times.

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