How To Get Rid Of Love Handles With A Weight Loss Exercise Program

How To Get Rid Of Love Handles With A Weight Loss Exercise Program

Article by Steve Gee

Regular exercise is the key to how to get rid of love handles

A “girl with love handles”, That’s a nice thought. The words conjure up an image of a nice warm and cuddly person with a huge personality to match. She has curves in the right places and she just screams out for a big hug. The love handles would be the first thing to grab on to.

But not everyone finds love handles that attractive and they do have a habit or turning very ugly if they are left to grow unhindered. They’re also excess weight that isn’t good for your overall health whichever sex you are. Yes men do get love handles too and frankly they are a lot less attractive on men than they are on women. So lets have a look at the best way to lose love handles.

Wondering what love handle fat is?

Love handles are made out of the fat that your body has produced from all the excess calories in your food and stored it for you. There isn’t any difference between love handle fat and any other fat elsewhere on your body; it’s just that it’s stored in a different place. If you had worked off all the calories you ate by exercising then there would be no additional fat to be stored.

Way back in the past your ancestors were lucky to find food every few days and there was no way of storing it back then. So if your hunting were successful you and your friends would have to eat the lot in one go before it went off. To enable you to continue living until the next meal came along the excess energy in the food was converted to fat and stored in the body where it could be gradually released over the next few days.

Your body remembers how to store food from that time and it can’t predict when you’re next meal is going to arrive so it stores the energy for you in the form of fat. You now eat more often than your Stone Age ancestors did so you need to be very careful to use up your fat store or better still, don’t allow it to get stored in the first place.

Your love handles are part of your store of energy. It just so happens that your body finds that your waistline and stomach is a very convenient to place to put it.

You must exercise to get rid of love handles

If you want to lose the fat on your love handles you have to make your body burn it off. You can only do this if you burn more calories in exercise than you consume in food. You can achieve an energy balance by reducing the calories that you eat or increasing the exercise you take, or preferably both.

Don’t just starve yourself to reduce your calories below the rate at which you can burn them. If you do that you are risking burning not only fat but also lean muscle and other body organs. Your metabolism will slow down and your appetite will increase which will make it very difficult for you to stay trim. You must balance your energy intake with exercise and you must keep up the exercise for life if you want to lose your love handles permanently. Try to take up something you enjoy doing to give yourself a chance of keeping it up. Increased exercise while paying attention to good nutrition will allow you to burn fat while building your muscle.

Paying close attention to what you eat as well as how much you eat can also be part of the solution how to get rid of love handles: Food to Help You Lose Weight

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