How to Find the Perfect Yoga Class

How to Find the Perfect Yoga Class

Article by Jason Hank

How to Find the Perfect Yoga Class

If you are interested in Yoga but are unsure of exactly what you are looking for then this brief guide is the perfect launching pad for your future as a Yoga practitioner. Putting it as plainly as possible you want to set your sights on a good Yoga class or solid Yoga instructor. Some people feel that they can benefit just as much from reading a book on Yoga and then striking out on their own. Although it is possible to learn a great deal from Yoga books, taking their route will not result in the true healing power of Yoga. You may be able to explore some of the more basic practices of Yoga by reading a book, but without the aid of an instructor you may inadvertently begin practicing Yoga in an unsafe manner.

Your best bet for starting Yoga would be to look into the introductory courses offered in your area. Typically these will last from four to six weeks and will give you the perfect foundation from which you can determine how you want to proceed. Even if this introductory course is all of the instruction you receive it is enough for most people to be able to continue practicing Yoga on their own for years to come in a safe and effective manner. If you take this route then it is advised that you stop by a Yoga class every few months just for one session at a time to make sure that you are practicing in a safe manner. This also gives you a chance to ask an instructor for tips on new positions that you could explore.

Before deciding on a Yoga class to join you should take several steps to ensure that you are making the best possible decision. Try telling your friends that you are interested in starting Yoga and ask them for any recommendations on classes that they have taken in the past or are taking currently. Even if they are not taking a class themselves often times they will have relatives or acquaintances who are into Yoga and would be happy to make recommendations. These days the internet is an invaluable tool for finding reviews on local Yoga instructors. Complete a basic google search for “Yoga Classes Your Town” and see what the results are like. Often times you can find reviews linked to the individual instructors. Although these reviews are helpful they are by no means 100% accurate. Go with your instincts. You can always ask to attend the first class session for free to see if it is a good fit for you.

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