How To Begin a Yoga Routine

How To Begin a Yoga Routine

Article by Marc Platters

Yoga will benefit you in many ways. It helps you to live a healthy life, keeps you away from any physical problems, mental problems, daily stress of life and increases body cell functioning. Many people avoid this exercise, fearing a strict routine, diet, tough poses, standing on head, etc. however, yoga is not that tough as you think. This form of exercise helps you to choose a set of exercise that suits your body and age. You can thus start a yoga routine. If you have doubts as to what to include and how to begin a yoga routine, we are here to help you out. This article will help you to know how to begin your yoga routine. How to begin a yoga routine?• Before starting this exercise you need to get a health check up done. There are different poses in this exercise and each pose needs movement of different muscles of your body. To try out these exercises you must know whether your body is fit. Show these reports to your yoga trainer or instructor and get a routine a set for you. • Get your accessories for the exercise. A yoga mat, dress, etc are a must for yoga. You your workout clothes should be such that you can make body movements easily and comfortably. Anything very loose or tight will make it uncomfortable. • You can learn the exercises yourself seeing the various yoga DVDs’ and programs shown on TV. However, it is advisable to join a retreat or class and learn under the guidance of some trained experts. Besides learning in group will help you stay motivated and excited. Learning under an expert guidance will avoid any hazards to your health. If you have any problems you can get it clarified then and there. For beginners practicing yoga at retreats or studios is the best option. If you are an introvert kind of person you can opt for learning at home using a DVD or television program. However, you can choose both as well. Practice in group and when at home practice using DVDs’. • Yoga is all about breathing. It is very essential to be conscious of your breath. Before practicing any exercises you first need to concentrate on your breath. Take big and calm breaths to energize you for the exercise. • Schedule: Set a strict schedule for yourself. Practice yoga every days. Start with 20-30 minutes and then stretch it to one hour a day. Even at home set a proper place for your exercise where you can practice it without any disturbances. • Intake as much water as you can also check your diet that will help you get rid of any health problems and also practice yoga effectively. Stop thinking now. Get up get a yoga mat and dress for yourself, register with a yoga studio or buy a DVD and get started. It’s never too late but don’t wait till it gets late. Set a yoga routine for yourself and live a healthy life.

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