How Much Weight Should a Woman Gain During Pregnancy?

How Much Weight Should a Woman Gain During Pregnancy?

Article by Ricardo d Argence

Many women do not mind becoming pregnant, what they do mind is the weight gain they have to experience during the 9 months and a couple of extra months after the pregnancy. Gaining weight during pregnancy is a must, it helps give the embryo its vitamins and minerals to ensure a healthy growth pattern.

During previous years, it was thought that pregnant women should not gain any weight, however, that has changed as pediatricians understand more about the embryo’s growth. Now the big question pregnant women are asking themselves is how much weight should I gain during pregnancy?

It is vital to both the mother and the baby that good food practices and light exercises are adhered to. There are certain percentages of weight that is distributed throughout a woman’s body, the most percentage goes to the baby, some to the placenta, some goes to the breast tissues to develop milk, water, and other pregnancy fluids get a percentage also.

A good natural weight limit to set for pregnant women would be a minimum of 15 lbs for overweight women who become pregnant. For skinny women who become pregnant, if they gained 45 or 50 lbs it is still considered a good weight.

However, with the use of ultra sounds some women find out they are going to have more than one baby. In this case, it is natural for pregnant mother to gain even more than that, because there are now more vitamins and minerals that need to be divided between the embryo’s. Women who do not gain weight tend to have troubles with the development of the embryo, and can cause trouble for the newborn baby, they tend to be sickly babies.

Pregnant women do not need to eat more than 300 calories per day. Junk foods are not really good for pregnant women. Expecting mothers will usually see a little weight gain during the beginning of the pregnancy, and then they may not experience a large amount of weight gain until later in the pregnancy.

Losing weight when you gain too much weight is definitely not a good idea. You should not eat salt while you are pregnant, as it could cause the baby some future troubles.

Women that are obese tend to have higher blood pressure ratings, gestational diabetes, and other issue while they are pregnant. They also increase the chances of having a miscarriage.

Light exercises and maybe some swimming can be done while a mother is pregnant, however, they should always ask their doctors advice before doing anything. Swimming is a great way to burn calories; also, you may take short walks, or do some special exercises that the pediatrician has instructed to help the pregnancy develop properly.

Remember to take very good care of yourself because now you are eating and exercising for at least two people now.

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