How Far Do You Go In Realizing The Benefits Of Exercise?

How Far Do You Go In Realizing The Benefits Of Exercise?

Article by Stan Moore

It is good that we take care of our skin, take good meals, groom our hairs, put on good wears and other things that can make us feel great, look good and highly esteemed but it is regrettable that so many of us neglect the all-important factor that enhances this good outlook and our general health, hence, exercise benefits. Age has never been a barrier to physical exercise which can tone your body, give you the opportunity to wear your favorite clothes, it also adds strength to your muscles, gives you stronger bones, a more radiating skin, an improved and strong immune system, good sleep, good mood, eliminates stress, keep you agile, active and healthy all the time – exercise benefits is endless Physical exercise simply means any planned, repetitive and structured conditioning of any of the body parts, aimed at enhancing and maintaining physical fitness and health.So many people are ignorant or indifferent to keying in to exercise benefits, while some have so many reasons for engaging in this great activity. These reasons include:1. Controlling of body weight2. Building of muscles3. Improving the cardiovascular system4. Perfect Fitness for spots men and women.5. Flat abs6. Staying Active and alive7. Increasing stamina8. Having fun9. looking great and sexy10. Hastening up healing from illnessand many more reasons. Because of the various reasons we have these three different intensities of exercises.a. Light exercise: this does not require much energy and gasping for air – one can be talking while on it and example of this is walking exercise. Through this, one can have some of the exercise benefits.b. Moderate exercise: this requires more energy than that of light exercise and it makes one to slightly gasp for air. example of moderate exercise include, climbing of hill, staircase, moderate cycling, brisk walking or jogging etc. depending on the goal, more exercise benefits are gained.c. Vigorous exercise: more energy is required here as the body and muscles are being pushed to their limits, keeping one panting and gasping for air. Examples are fast running, training with heavy weights, fast cycling and other compound exercises. Exercise benefits are enjoyed most through this. So whatever is your goal, good knowledge of what it takes to achieve it matters so much. Choosing the right intensity, the right category, right type, keeping to time requirements etc, will go a long way in realizing exercise benefits. Start today and you will see the wonders exercise can do in your physical and mental well being. Exercise benefits are so much; you can get more details from

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Stan Moore is an experienced and Certified Nutrition and Fitness Specialist Who major mostly on Nutrition and Fitness Counseling for a Healthy living. He is also a Social Health Worker.

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