How Do GPS Watches and GPS Tracking Work With Exercise?

How Do GPS Watches and GPS Tracking Work With Exercise?

Article by Clive M Senior

Global Positioning System or GPS technology is getting more and more prevalent in our society, and one of the more cleaver of it’s uses can take up residence on your arm as a GPS Watch. As this relatively new applied science finds more fundamental applications in our lives, we can watch GPS tracking, morph into new and varied products that simplify our lives. So, how do these devices that mix the common wrist watch, GPS tracking and exercise work and what can they do for you? Let’s explore GPS Tracking and as regards what used to be the simple time piece.

First, we need to take a look at how the technology involved in these watches works. Every GPS instrument, which one of these watches is, works on the same basic principle of physics and geometry. The geometric principle at work is known as Trilateration. Trilateration is defined as: a method for determining the intersections of three spherical surfaces if the centers and radii of the three spheres are known.

In the world GPS tracking, when the location of three or more satellites is known, if one measure the distance between the GPS watch you are wearing and the satellites, we can determine the exact location of where you are, while wearing your GPS watch. This distance measurement coupled with the specific moment in time, that the satellites emitted the signal to your watch, gives us all the information required as to where you are or how far you have run, walked swam, etc. depending on your mode of exercise

The system of satellites which provide this constantly transmitted information are run by the US Government and known as the NAVSTAR GPS constellation. This constellation of satellites consists of twenty-four in number and are constantly sending out microwave signals 24/7, while orbiting approximately 12,600 miles above the surface of the earth.

A GPS tracking device meaning your GPS watch is designed to pick up these signals and record the time at which they arrive. Since the signals from the satellites travel at around the speed of light, knowing the difference between when the signal was generated and when your watch picks it up, aids in the calculation of distances. There is a very simple physics equation (speed x time = distance) to describe this.

Basically, the system comprised of satellites and computers determines the latitude and longitude of the receiver – your GPS watch anywhere on Earth by computing the difference in time for the signals from different satellites to reach your watch GPS receiver.

At this point, depending on the purpose of your GPS watch, the data is logged in the watches memory and the latitude, longitude and altitude of your location is displayed. The data can then be downloaded in many cases to computer and can be analyzed and manipulated for use in training, fitness and exercise. The information gathered can be used to record the distance traveled, rate of speed and other useful reports. Some models of GPS watch allow the monitoring of heart rate, and foot speed and other physical facts regarding the training and exercise. This is usually accomplished with the assistance of accessories to the watch.

There are two basic tasks that the power of GPS watches has harnessed. What we have discussed so far is a kind of personal plotting or tracking of oneself. The other use which is becoming a widening industry is tracking someone else. This use although very valuable, is much less desirable to those who value privacy. More on this subject in my next article.

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Article by Clive M. Senior

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