How Can Jogging Actually Be A Weight-Loss Exercise?

How Can Jogging Actually Be A Weight-Loss Exercise?

Article by Anthony Lee

The most common and one of the easiest ways of exercising is by jogging.

What is jogging? Jogging is simply running at a slower pace than usual. Running is also a form of exercise, but since you are exerting more effort when running, you are bound to tire out more quickly than when jogging.

Since you are pacing yourself when jogging, you are more likely to spend a longer time in exercise if this is the activity you choose.

For example, you can get up at 5 A.M., jog around your community for an hour, and still have enough energy to face the day ahead – energy that you probably wouldn’t have had if you had gone running instead. Imagine it – it’s early in the morning and you’ve had an hour of exercise that would do well to help you lose weight.

How can jogging actually be a weight-loss exercise? In jogging, just like any form of aerobic exercise, your muscles are at work. The excess fat in your body is being burned.

As you jog constantly, your metabolism will increase, which means that your body is slowly being transformed into an effective fat burning machine. This then means that you will lose excess weight gradually, and as soon as you reach your target weight, keep the extra weight off.

In jogging, one can still get injured if he/she does not have the proper form, or is just a beginner in exercising but overexerts himself. Therefore, the proper thing to do is to start out slowly and pace yourself deliberately. As you get used to jogging various distances, you may start picking up your pace until you reach a target speed.

Jogging can be a very effective form of exercise and weight loss routine. It is not too strenuous, yet effective enough for you to be able to reach your desired weight.

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