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Go to BuildMuscleBurnFat.info my FREE workout plan Build Muscle and Burn Fat FAST AS HELL! I hear a lot of people say that you cant get i shape by workout from home. I understand why they say that They say it because they dont know what the fuck they are taking about The truth is that you can get everything you NEED to workout at home for less the the price of going to a gym for ONE month! All you need is A Pull Up Bar amzn.to And some “QUALITY” professional grade Resistance Bands amzn.to !!!!WARNING!!! !!!DO NOT BUY CHEAP RESISTANCE BANDS!!!! They wont give you the workout your looking and they also brake easy The ONLY Resistance bands I recommend are RipCords (link to find it is in the description) You can buy some bullshit “wall-mart” brand resistance bands if you want, but when they brake and snap your goofy ass in the face, don’t tell people that I told you to get that shit. The Pull up Bar and the RipCords will cost you less than 0 And they will last for years That’s all you “need”… but If you want to go even harder you can get a Weight Set too amzn.to For extra credit you can also get Gymnastic rings amzn.to And a Arm Curl Blaster amzn.to Remember, all you NEED is a Pull up Bar and the RipCords, together they cost less than 0 If you get all the other stuff too, it will cost you less then one year at a gym!!!

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