Helpful Tips for Asthma Control

Helpful Tips for Asthma Control

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Asthma causes breathing airways to be extra sensitive to irritants in the air and airborne allergens. Besides taking medication and following asthma action plan with your doctor, there are other steps we can observe to control the frequency of asthma attacks:

• Using the air-conditioner helps to cut down the amount of irritants entering indoors.• Avoid having soft toys, rugs, and any other items that trap dust.• EXERCISE. Having a healthy lifestyle helps to build up our body’s immune system.• Always keep an inhaler in an easily assessable place. This will save you those precious seconds during an attack• Clean your items regularly – curtains, mattresses, pillows, blankets, and the air-conditioning duct.• Tobacco smoke and asthma do not go hand-in-hand. Distance yourself from lighted cigarettes to prevent unnecessary attacks.

Knowing that the quality of air is very important for our general well-being, we should not neglect on the things we can to minimise the pollution which can cause our health to suffer. Starting from the very basic is to have a clean living environment, especially your bedrooms where you would be spending one-third of your time resting in.

Bedroom furniture such as the bed and mattresses should be cleaned regularly to prevent inhibiting unwanted parasites such as the bed bugs. Try as much to avoid having soft toys and rugs which can trap dust easily and encouraging the growth of dust mites. Keep other items such as the curtains, pillows and blankets hygienic by changing and washing them often. Bed bugs and dust mites can be the source of allergies aggravating asthmatic problems, thus is it essential to keep the living environment clean.

There are many ways which you can clean your mattresses, such as sunning them. However, research says that the cleaning concept of beating and sunning of mattresses and bedding will not work for products made out of artificial materials. Therefore, professional mattress cleaning services can be sought to do the job which adapt the same mechanics in their mattress cleaning treatment. The same goes for carpet cleaning if your home is carpeted – you need to ensure that it is kept clean as it makes a vast area for parasites to inhibit easily.

Besides that, do keep in mind not to neglect on chores such as cleaning of the sofa, air-conditioner and staying away from pollutants such as tobacco smoke. Be diligent and always keep an inhaler handy for sudden attacks of asthma.

Asthma, while dangerous, is definitely a controllable disease. These are just some tips to better control asthma. Having a healthy lifestyle and following the doctor’s advice should still be the main priority. A healthy living starts with a healthy and hygienic living condition. Do not underestimate having a good quality of air can do to improve your overall well-being.

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