Health & Fitness – Weight Loss Exercise

Health & Fitness – Weight Loss Exercise

Article by Oey Piu Hian

In today’s world every one wants to stay fit and fine. Being over weight can often be a problem for a large number of people. It can be the reason of several types of illness in one’s body. That is the reason many of the people wants to loose a few kilos of their weight. There are several methods that can help one to loose their excess fat. One such method of loosing weight is performing regular exercises. It can prove out to be very useful for a person who wishes to attain a toned figure.

Many different types of exercises are there to be followed by a person so as to loose some extra fat and lead a healthy life. These exercises are normally very easy one to be performed. They are like the ordinary activities that one can perform on their own. It helps in burning the excess fat in one’s body thus making him look even more fit than ever. There are a huge range of exercises that one can choose from. It helps a person to maintain fitness of body as well as mind.

The first type of exercise that can help one attain a leaner look is strength exercises. These strength trainings do not give one huge muscles. Rather what it does is, it helps one to increase the basic metabolic rates of one’s body. It also tones one’s muscles to some extent and increases bone mass which helps one to have a leaner look.

Strength trainings should be accompanied by another kind of exercise known as aerobics. It can help one to strengthen his lungs and heart. A strengthened lungs and heart can provide one with more efficient utilization of oxygen. Thus increasing the fat reduction as well as maintaining bone mass.

Aerobics is one of the types of exercises which helps in increasing the breathing and heart rate. It also helps in muscle toning which is one of the key elements for achieving a slim figure. Some of the very good forms of aerobics are aerobic dance, bicycling, stepping, swimming, walking etc. One can chose any of these forms of simple exercises depending upon one’s physical conditions, genetic types, family history, aim of life etc. it is advised that one should follow at least two of these methods of exercises related to aerobics.

Some these exercises related to aerobics are normally performed by each and every person in his day to day life. For example all of us walk a few kilometers each and every day in normal conditions. Walking is a very good habit and can make one feel much better both mentally as well as physically. It is even preferred over jogging or running by the doctors. Same amount of calories are burnt in walking as is burnt in case of jogging or running. However it is much more comfortable for the body to perform.

Another very good type of exercise related to aerobics is climbing the stairs regularly. Instead of using a lift, if one tries to climb the stairs on his own it can help him to loose a few amount of excess calories that is otherwise accumulated in his body. Using a treadmill or even one’s bicycle can also help one to loose a huge amount of excess fat.

Thus it is seen that performing certain normal regular exercises daily can actually help one to loose a huge amount of one’s weight. One does not need to move out of one’s house in order to perform such exercises. They can be performed even at one’s own house. The only things that are needed are will power and determination. If one has that will power of doing something, he will definitely get the rewards for that.

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