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Check out my new strength video here!! :D Thanks :) As a lot of you already know, when it gets too cold and dark to train outside; i turn my focuses to gymnastics conditioning, namely strength and flexibilty training. This video shows what I have been working on, I am quite pleased as over the last few months I have learned several new presses to handstand, a few new bar moves and i think improved my strength particularly in my upper body. This video also has some basic backbending which is something I definately think will be beneficial to my training. I do some weight training too but obviously that wouldn’t make much of a video. And yes, I could lose more fat but I do very little cardio and don’t control my diet particularly closely. Moves list: Russian lever / V sit Over japana/pancake stretch Explosive chin ups to switch grip X4 ‘Frog balance’ press to handstand Swimthrough Bridge kickover Headstand press to handstand 1 handed press up (R) 1 handed press up (L) Negative muscle up to upwards circle Handstand to half lever/L sit Wide arm/japanese handstand (against wall) Tucked planche Handstand lower to front through planche (bent legs) Split press to handstand Negative straight body pull Advanced tuck back lever Tucked front lever pull ups (X3) Handstand press ups (X2)(bent legs) Handstand straddle lower and straddle press up to handstand Advanced tuck front lever L pull up (X3) Wide arm press handstand progression German hang, pull back through
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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