Guidelines For Weight Loss

Guidelines For Weight Loss

Article by Helen Miller

We all want to look young and healthy. However, most of us do not succeed in achieving it. But, if you follow some of the weight loss guidelines listed here, you can lose unwanted weight and enjoy a healthy life. Here are the tips:

• A well-balanced diet helps you maintain good health, and gives you more energy and vigor provided you follow a set exercise schedule and eat natural recipes. Use natural herbs and spices in your diet, and watch out the difference! • Eat your main meal in the afternoon and keep the last meal of the day very light in terms of calories. • You can enjoy occasional feasts, but remember to follow a set exercise session, but never stuff yourself with high-calorie food every time you exercise.• Minimize your intake of sugar and refined flour products. If you are not sure of the ingredients used and calorific values of the products that you buy, remember to check the packaging.• Avoid having processed foods such as sauces, creams, and dressings while having your meals.• Eat foods with more fiber. Avoid fried foods instead include baked, boiled or grilled vegetables in your diet.• Until you increase your metabolism, it is not easy to lose excess weight or fat. Therefore, plan your day well and do regular exercise to increase rate of metabolic. This will help you accelerate fat loss without strict dieting and exercise schedule. • While cooking food, avoid using excessive margarine, butter, or oils.• You might love having eggs in your breakfast everyday, but you can lose unwanted calories if you try to cut down your intake of eggs to only 3 eggs per week. • Start your day with a healthy breakfast; this will help you control cravings between meals. Moreover, you derive more energy if you use healthier alternates such as cottage cheese and herbs rather than using hard cheese, sauces, dressings, and oils.• When having cold drinks, opt for low-calorie drinks or juices diluted with water. • While setting weight loss goals, set short-term goals. For example, minimize your calorie intake by 500 calories per day, and then gradually increase it to achieve your weight loss objective.• Maintain a food journal to record your calorie intake as this will help you monitor your diet and make changes accordingly. • Start with doing light exercise, and keep a check on your weight loss progress. • Remain positive while dieting or following a weight loss program. You may fail initially, but it is important that you never stop trying until you reach your weight loss goal.

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Helen Miller is a diet control fanatic, who has lost over 70 pounds of body fat. She shares her amazing story of how she did it through her weight and diet control blog.

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