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India celebrated the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna, the centre figure of epic Mahabharat. The videos are festive scene at Thane city near Mumbai with an ocean of human crowd under light and sought effects, laser shows watching the MOST EXCITING Human Pyramid show. To mark this celebration all over India there is a play called Dahi Handi (dahi in Hindi means curd, and Handi in Hindi means pot) which is hanged up on the rope to a height of over 50-60 feets and there are youth groups called Govinda Groups and they take up the challenge of claiming huge prize money .. they form a human pyramid (it happens only in Mumbai, the daredavil city) in layer of some 100-150 strongmen who form human platform in circular shape and above them 8 strongest men form circular and above them second layer they are formed with four and above them 3 and above them 2 and above them depending on their skill one plus one plus one (human platform as base + 8 pillars + 4 men walls + 3 + 2 + 1 + 1 +1 ). This is the Human pyramid specification .. even if you take size of men average as 5 feet the total height of the human pyramid works out to 5 ft x 8 layers = 40 ft + the base height of human foundation 6 feet .. so about 45 ft plut raised portion of the hand of tip top person another 2 feet.. in all it works out to 50 ft height .. All over Mumbai and in the state of Maharashtra Lord Krishna’s birth festival is celebrated like this in other parts of the India there is only rituals and worship and

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