Good Chi Yoga – Gentle Yoga 2 for the Hips

Barbara Olin, RYT, conducts a 25-minute yoga session specifically focused on the hips. Perfect for seniors, beginners, those with injuries, anyone wanting yoga at a slower pace, yoga with modifications, safe yoga, yoga for any fitness level. Build muscular strength, improve joint flexibility, relieve tension, and improve balance and a sense of confidence. Slow the aging process by increasing flexibility and building strength. The full-length session is available on DVD, along with two additional sessions: Gentle Yoga for the Hips, and Gentle Yoga for the Back. Finally a gentle yoga DVD that is really gentle and slow enough for beginners of all ages and persons with injuries (that still want the benefit of a yoga practice). Barbara provides a nurturing practice with modifications and gentle guidance so that you feel as though the practice was developed just for you. The DVD includes three 25 minute practices to strengthen and open muscles of the back, shoulders and hips. Achieve age defying results by increasing flexibility, building muscle strength, improving balance and a sense of confidence. Meet Barbara in a 3 minute introduction and see why her students love her yoga. To purchase the DVD, visit:
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