Golf Swinging Training Exercise to Gain Longer Distance

Golf Swinging Training Exercise to Gain Longer Distance

Article by Wendy Gorman

An important component of golfing is the swing. Golfers usually have to undergo golf swing training to improve their game. Golf swinging is one of the most important techniques that will enable players to launch the ball to their desired spot. For beginners, the main key to shape their golf swing better is through exercise.

Professionals who want to get an edge on their competition should take exercise as a vital component of their game because a strong fit body will give players an impression on a long distance drive than an out of shape body. But fitness in golf is different than preparing for a running marathon.

Golf swing training is actually a form of golf exercise. This is because when you’re swinging your golf stick, you are making a total body involvement. When you are shaping up to drive, you will notice that your body moves from the neck to the torso and all the way through the legs and to the feet.

You might think that golf is just a game of relaxation that needs little energy to play. But you are wrong. This is because with golf, you are transferring energy from the top parts of your body down below your body. With golf swing training, you can properly work the muscle areas which play an important part in your overall swing. And each of these areas needs to be worked individually.

When are undergoing training, you will usually need to use weights when swinging the golf stick. Light weights are very effective in strengthening muscles around the neck and shoulders. You can also use light dumbbell weights which are great to work the arms. And to exercise you legs, squatting-style exercises are effective.

For regular golfers, walking won’t be a problem since they are on the course several times a week. But for people who don’t go to the course quite often, they would have to start walking 3-4 times a week as an exercise. Walking is good for the legs and it also promotes overall health, which is important in playing golf.

Golf swing training not only benefits your health, it will also improve your golf swing. People should remember that you cannot gain distance off the tee just by lifting weights or doing any golf specific exercises if you have a significantly flawed swing. Training will help you learn how to hook the ball by correcting your major swing flaw and this will also add yards to your swing. And striking the ball more solidly will also result in immediate gains in distance.

You will also need to improve flexibility, especially with your shoulders and your trunk, if you want to increase distance off the tee. This will also allow you to make a fuller shoulder turn. And a fuller shoulder turn is important to widen the arc of your swing, which is a key component to hitting the ball long. These are just some of the benefits of doing golf swing training.

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