Giloya: An Effective remedy for health problems

Giloya: An Effective remedy for health problems

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Giloya or Gurcha is a type of vine that cures many diseases on account of its special and rare properties. It is readily available all over the country and is also called ‘Amrita’ for its elixir-like qualities. It grows with the help of Margosa or other trees and in doing so also absorbs the properties of the tree with the help of which it climbs. That is why this plant (Heartleaf Moonseed), which climbs with the help of Margosa tree, is supposed to be full of many rare virtues. Basically, only the stem of this plant is used. Its Latin name is Tinospora cordifola.

Main Medicinal Uses:

It is a very effective medicine to cure persistent fever. It is also helpful in curing the fever caused by Typhoid, Malaria and Tuberculosis. Add 50 gm of Heartleaf Moonseed with ½ liter of water and bring it to boil. When only 150 ml (1 cup) of water is left, strain it with a clean strainer and drink it every morning and evening for at least 7 to 21 days; also add sugar candies (mishri) in it.

Take 10 to 20 ml juice of fresh Heartleaf Moonseed after each meal; it helps in checking sugar level of the body.

Cook 20 gm Heartleaf Moonseed and 5 gm ginger powder in ½ liter of water. Boil the mixture till only 100 ml is left. Strain it and add sugar candies according to taste. Drinking this concoction every day will help with knee problems and other joint pains.

Add 1 gm essence of Heartleaf Moonseed with 4 gm of Lodhra Choorna and taking it every day with honey can cure females of leucorrhea.

For any kind of inflammatory sensation in the body, take 1 gm essence of Heartleaf Moonseed with 2 gm cumin seed powder and 5 gm sugar candies and take it every morning and evening.

Take 2 gm of Heartleaf Moonseed with 5 gm of butter; it helps in relieving bleeding piles.

Boil the roots of this plant in 250 ml of water. Strain it when only 50 ml of water is left. Drinking this mixture with honey twice a day helps in leprosy.

To increase the immunity level of the body, drink 2 gm essence of Heartleaf Moonseed with honey, regularly in Morning and evening.

Amritarishth and Heartleaf Moonseed are available at almost every established Ayurvedic medical store.

Any kind of fever, whose cause is unknown, is called ‘pyrexia of unknown origin’ (PUO) in medical terms. Use of Heartleaf Moonseed concoction is very much advisable in all such fevers.

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