This is a video designed to boost your pituitary gland to produce more human growth hormone (HGH).This will help you look/feel younger, help you get stronger, and decrease the time it takes for you to heal your body. The music is a mix I made of instrumentals that my friend (Cue Dangerous aka Big Fyre) produced and/or rapped on. The visual part of the video is from a pack of visualizations I downloaded to go with a program called Mind Stereo. It contains light pulses that correspond to the brainwave entrainment contained in the audio. This is a secondary way of brainwave entrainment (BWE) synchronizing your dominant brainwave with the video and audio. If you are seated near the monitor you can probably close your eyes and still get the flickering effect, but, there are also subliminal messages in the video that you will miss. Its nothing creepy,evil, or intended to make you buy anything. It’s more like little positive suggestions to help you improve your self confidence and quality of life. If the subliminal thing worries you, you can always just listen to the music. The same BWE frequencies are used for the video and audio. I recommend this as a ‘post workout’ video because Delta frequencies are used to stimulate your pituitary, which only naturally occur during very deep sleep. So you may not feel like working out after listening. The last four minutes will ‘guide’ you ‘up’ from that relaxed state into a more awake state (14hz); so if you are using this as a sleep aid
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