GET CUT!!! / HEAL QUICKER! Pre-Workout Growth Hormone Booster High Beta Big F1re mix

This is a brainwave entrainment (BWE) video intended to stimulate your pituitary gland to make it produce more of your own natural growth hormone (GH or HGH for Human Growth Hormone). This will help you more easily turn fat to lean muscle, help with toning and new muscle growth, and decrease recovery time from minor injuries. As we progress through adulthood we produce less HGH, so this may help slow the course of at least one factor of aging. This is obviously not intended to replace any medical treatment. The BWE works through the audio with an imbedded isochronic tone that synchronizes your brain to 31.32 hz, a high beta range frequency which reportedly stimulates your pituitary.This means you don’ have to wear headphones to feel the effect, but it wouldn’t hurt if you have them! Beta frequencies are associated with high levels of concentration or physical activity, so this would be a good one to listen to before a work out. (Remember to stretch!) YOU MUST BE STILL AND QUIET TO FEEL THE EFFECTS OF BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT!!! Otherwise its just a cool mix of hip hop beats and some rapping. The instrumental beats were produced by my brother from another mother Quran aka Big F1re. He is rapping on all of the songs at the end, as well as myself and HeadKrack on the last track. I produced the beats with vocals on them. I hope any and all find this video enjoyable and useful. ONE LOVE!

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