Get Bigger Muscles By Eating A Muscle Building Diet

Get Bigger Muscles By Eating A Muscle Building Diet


Let’s look at diet and nutrition for a moment. You have to stop eating all the processed foods and the sugars and the late night carbo loading. Consume high protein foods to get bigger muscles. If you really want to get bigger muscles you need to start treating your body like the temple. It’s really quite amazing how we abuse our bodies and still expect to get the results we are looking for. Getting larger muscles doesn’t happen by chance.

So now that you’ve eliminated all of the process foods (yes that means delivered food and food out of boxes!) we need to look at what foods you should eat to get bigger muscles. If you really are gung ho on getting bigger muscles you need to eat more high quality proteins.

Proteins are the building blocks of amino acids. Proteins actually help you knit back together torn tissue. By the way MSM is incredibly good at building up muscle tissue as well. MSM is my secret weapon that nobody knows about! Proteins can be found in many foods like fish, chicken and meals.

Personally I am a vegan bodybuilder and like to get my protein sources from plants. The reason why is because the Max Plank institute found that 50% of amino acids (or proteins) are destroyed by cooking. So right off the bat you have to eat 2 times as much protein just to get the same amount of protein than if you didn’t cook your food. The other reason is just because you’re eating protein to get bigger muscles it also needs to be bio available to your body.

In any event there is not a food on the planet that has more bio available (or usable) protein by weight than Spirulina. It’s 65% protein. I like to use MSM, spirulina, hemp protein powder, and sun warrior protein along with leafy greens, bee pollen and maca. In any event, you can eat whatever you like. But if you really want to get bigger muscles, here’s the point, eat your protein! Also don’t forget to learn more about this particular fitness ebook. Many people like to consume tons of calories and this is key as well. The more muscle you have the more calories you need to keep that muscle. Also don’t forget to take your supplements. Just remember the more intensity you burn in your weight training, the more testosterone you release in your body and that raises hormone levels which in turn helps you to get bigger muscles.

Exercises To Get Bigger Muscles:

Let’s talk about exercises that help you get bigger muscles. You must max out when you’re done lifting and always increase your max. A max is simply one rep of the most weight you can do. This should always be increasing. Make sure to have a training partner or spotter there at all times, while you’re lifting such heavy weight. I like to do 3 sets of about 4-6 reps each of any one exercise.

You want to focus on free weight exercises so that your body gets used to using real weights and being able to balance that weight. There are tons of different muscle fibers that are used when you are trying to balance and stabilize free weights. Perform super high weight at low reps. You might want to do 8, 6 and 4 reps on a certain free weight like bench press or incline bench press. For each body part you should do 3 exercises and only train 2 body parts per day and per week.Recovery time is critical:

If you don’t give yourself enough time to recover you’re killing your muscle gaining progress. Your body needs that time to actually build the muscle tissue that was torn down. Your muscle fibers need to regrow and they do the bulk of their rebuilding during your recovery phase. If at any point you cannot lift the same amount of weight you were able to lift last time, LEAVE THE GYM IMMEDIATELY. Your muscle fibers have not recovered and built themselves back up yet. You need recovery time to get bigger muscles remember that.

Sleep to gain muscle size:

Sleep is so important when you want to get bigger muscles. This is the time when your body does most of its repair work on the muscles your tore up during your intense gym workouts. Make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep (5 of which is uninterrupted), preferably the best hours before midnight. Without time to repair and rebuild, your muscles will never grow bigger and gain strength or size.

Staying hydrated:

Staying hydrated is key because it increases flexibility, circulation, blood flow and muscle repair. Your red blood cells need a transporter in order for your muscle fibers to rebuild and regrow. If it can’t get their because you’re dehydrated, how do you expect to get bigger muscles?

Let’s face it, this is a bodybuilding ebook that will blow you away.

9 tips to get bigger chest musclesGetting bigger chest muscles is not rocket science. Follow these 9 simple steps to get chest muscles that look buff and ripped. Every guy wants strong and masculine pectoral (pec) muscles but most guys don’t want to put in the blood and sweat to train hard in the gym. You want size and bulk but you also want to be lean, cut and shredded. Here are some ideas to help you get bigger chest muscles:

Train your chest only twice per week to start with.During your training time in the gym, always make sure that you either do more reps or do more weight. If you can’t do this, then you need more rest.Change your workout routine every 3 weeks.Do 3-5 different exercises for your chest every time you workout your chest.Make sure to take enough days off in between gym workouts so that you’re rested and recovered.Get 8 hours of sleep each night.Eat lots of extremely high quality protein each day. Also make sure you get your protein at least within 45 min of each workout.Avoid processed foods like high amounts of breads and carbs.And last but not least if you want to get bigger chest muscles you must…

Never ever give up and never let your mind fail you. Your body and muscles might fail, but your mind must never fail you.Discover 4 exercises to get bigger calf musclesMany people have been asking me lately how they can get bigger calf muscles. Calf muscles are a more dense muscle and there for you can exercise them more often than you think. The downfall is that it’s difficult to give them rest because we’re either standing on our feet all day, walking or running so they don’t get to rest and rebuild as often as we’d like.

Anatomy of a calf muscleThe soleus and gastrocnemius muscles are the 2 main muscle groups comprising the lower legs for humans.Just beneath the gastrocnemius is a flat, wide but strong muscle called the soleus. Both the soleus and gastrocnemius calf muscles will expand and contract giving your foot the ability to extend the toes while walking and running.

Your lower legs also have many more muscles that also grow when you get bigger calf muscles.

This doesn’t apply to the tibialis anterior muscle because that lower leg muscle extends to the front of your shin bone and actually contracts itself in order to pull your feet and toes up so you can walk. This muscle obviously is not a part of the calf muscles.

Exercises to get bigger calf musclesStanding Calve Raise – To do this calf exercise you’ll most likely need access to a gym or weight workout equipment. You will stand on the balls of your feet, with a padded weight resting on your shoulders and using both legs raise your ankles up so that you’re standing on your tippy toes. When you elevate up to your toes, hold this position for at least 1 to 2 seconds. Go up then down.

Seated Calve Raise – Because this calf exercise is done when your legs are bent at a 90 degree angle, it works the gastrocnemius calf muscles more effectively than most other calf exercises. It’s done on a machine that looks like you’re sitting on a chair. By the way if you don’t have access to this type of leg machine, you can always put a barbell or dumbbell on your knees as you’re sitting in order to mimic the weight resistance. All you do is raise your ankles once again and go up then down.

Donkey Calve Raises – Donkey calve raises are done by putting a bench or chair in front of you to hold on to. Bend over so you’re torso is paralell to the ground and the balls of your feet are on some sort of block. Then get somebody light to get on your back like they’re riding a horse. Then you get to the balls of your feet on that block and raise your ankles up and down. This primarily puts a lot of stress on the gastrocnemius muscles. Secondary stress is also applied on the soleus muscle.My tips to get toned musclesGetting toned muscles is easy as long as you know what you’re doing. Lots of people want to get toned muscles but don’t know what they’re doing. They try to tone up, get firm and lean for a few weeks, they don’t do it right, see no results so they give up and say they don’t “have the right genes” to get toned muscles. In reality it’s not a genetic problem as much as a knowledge and discipline problem.

If you want to get toned muscles you’re going to have to workout each muscle group 3 times per week. You’ll also want to perform high reps with low weight. This will help get your muscles toned, tight and lean. Make sure to not take long breaks (2 minutes max) between sets in the gym. You need to keep your cardio up. Also another way to get toned muscles in to elongate your muscles using yoga. Do yoga at least 3 times per week if you can. Make sure to stretch your muscle before, and after each set.

One last note on how to get toned muscles. Cut out the garbage food. All processed carbs (carbohydrates) like pasta, bread, crackers, cookies, cakes pies must be cut out of your diet. This stuff turns to sugar in your body and turns to fat. Eat meat and vegetables if you want to see results. The number one food to avoid if you want to get toned muscles is refined carbohydrates.

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