Gauntlet Workout C

CLICK HERE FOR A FREE WORKOUT! This is the TT Gauntlet Workout C. This is the 5, 10, 15 program. There are 6 exercises in this workout. What you are going to do is go through 5 circuits of this program. The first time through, you are going to do 5 repetitions per exercise, the second time through will be 10 repetitions and the third time will be 15 repetitions. Next, you’ll go back to 10 repetitions and then finally, 5 repetitions. This is called a ladder pyramid style. The first exercise is a kettlebell snatch. You will start out doing 5 reps per side the first time through. In week 1, I recommend you only go through 5, 10 & 15 or even just 5 & 10. Always give yourself a nice easy workout in the first week of any program because you don’t want to be too sore. Swing the kettlebell back, drive up and punch. Switch hands and do 5 on the other side. Once you are done with those, move right into 5 vertical jumps. Hands are either in a prisoner hold, down at your sides or straight up. Next, move into T-pushups (5 on each side) alternating sides. You always want to do a warmup before you start, but the 5 reps is a good warmup in itself. We’re going to hit the upper body some more with regular chin-ups with an underhand grip. If you are in the 15 rep round and you can’t do them straight, you might just do them in chunks until you are at 15. Next move into prisoner forward lunges. Putyour hands up behind your head, step forward and drive back up. You
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