Fusion of Old and New Contemplation.

Fusion of Old and New Contemplation.

Article by Christos Varsamis

Over the years, people have continued to innovate meditation from the very complicated structures use of beads, mantras, focal points and a lot of different forms of stimulation that can internally ignite the senses and the mind, but shut down external interference. Religion has been the major source of influence because of the purpose of connecting with a deity and forming deeper relations with positive emotions to gain enlightenment. However, as people enter the modern world, the sacred contemplation has been redefined into a secular and more scientific means to gain personal relaxation both inside and outside of the body. It carries several forms from the Japanese reiki to the very popular yoga for health buffs.

One of the widely acclaimed from is the Meditation. It is the most researched and most effective method of self-development because it is highly structured and known to give standardized effects. It is a simple, all natural and effortless routine performed for 20 minutes in 2 sessions per day. The doer assumes a sitting position with the eyes closed. When one employs the transcendental technique, he or she allows one’s mind to settle towards inner self beyond the use of thought. It goes deeper into the ultimate source of thought which is referred to as pure awareness or unified field. This state is the most peaceful level of man’s consciousness. As such, restful alertness for a greater coherence, brain function and deeper body rest are achieved.

Because of the very simple procedure and the relaxing results, almost five million people are drawn to try this form of contemplation. In addition to the ease of use, the available research materials prove the effectiveness of this act. The transcendental technique is actually not a new procedure, but an innovation of the ancient Vedic tradition. It is brought by the Maharishi 50 years ago to restore the knowledge as well as the experience of higher and inner states of consciousness.

Indeed, Meditation is a safe and scientifically proven technique that can deliver results such as sustained relaxation even after the entire session. As such, those who want to achieve modern day health benefit and old world enlightenment must try this contemplation act.

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