From Model to Mama and Back With BetaStax

From Model to Mama and Back With BetaStax

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Fore more information on Betastax please visit this website: http://www.prosource.netLynda Valeri’s biography is a unique 21st century take on the modern American success story. Lynda (or Lymbo, as her many devoted fans know her) has built a tremendous following on the popular social networking site, and parlayed that hard work into a thriving second career as a fitness model.

For Lynda, her obsession with maximum fitness and her new career are a perfect match. Recently, however, she encountered a new and welcoming challenge when she and her husband Ron were blessed with the impending arrival of their first child. Like many women in similar situations, Lynda knew that motherhood and modeling are not always perfectly compatible.

So even as she devoted herself full-time to the rigors and joys of child-bearing, Lynda was thinking ahead to a time when she would reclaim the figure that she had been so proud of. In her mind, she envisioned a 16-week regimen of healthy dieting and exercise. Little did she know that a revolutionary weight-loss matrix and workout maximizer called BetaStax would trim 6 full weeks off her journey to that ambitious goal.

Asked about her initial motivation, Lynda can’t even imagine a different alternative. “I am who I am,” she says. “Even before I began modeling, I was always dedicated to maintaining a healthy and fit look. Being fit makes me feel good about myself.”

After many months of eating for two, and six weeks after the birth of her beautiful daughter, Lynda weighed 148 pounds. She was ready for a return to her toned and fit former self. At just about the same time, Ron, a ProSource customer service employee, told her about a product, an extreme weight-loss catalyst called BetaStax that was a hot topic on the message boards of her favorite fitness forum on ProSource.NET. She contacted the product’s manufacturer, BioQuest, and offered to test the product in her official capacity as a well-known fitness model. BioQuest agreed and sent Lynda a supply of the supplement that would play a key role in her future success.

“The first three weeks of training were so hard!” Lynda remembers. “I felt like I was in a car accident! BetaStax certainly helped me get going each morning and provided plenty of motivation. The energy boost was fantastic and I definitely needed it. Also I would say that it definitely curbed my appetite. I sometimes had to force myself to eat my 5th and 6th small daily meals.”

The unique combination of ultra-bioactive, pharmaceutical-grade energy factors and a primary weight-loss technology in BetaStax was the ideal support mechanism for Lynda’s highly targeted regimen of diet, exercise and other supplementation. Lynda maintains a 50/30/20 dietary ratio of proteins/healthy fats/carbs that emphasizes eggs, chicken, fish, oatmeal, and green vegetables. In addition she works out diligently (see her workout schedule below) and supplements with CLA, flaxseed and omega fish oils, Supreme Protein® bars, a good multivitamin, and Aminodrol, a comprehensive, ultra-potent anabolic/anticatabolic recovery matrix from ProSource. But it was BetaStax that made the biggest difference.

BetsStax certainly got the ball rolling quickly,” Lynda says. “By the start of the 4th week of my regimen, there was a really noticeable difference in my physical shape and decreased body fat! Family and friends don’t lie. Most people couldn’t believe I’d just had a baby nine weeks before. The baby and I would be out shopping and people could not believe she was my baby!”

Now that she has achieved her fitness goals, Lynda looks forward to the challenge of balancing motherhood, her first career as a mayor’s administrative assistant, and her new modeling career. Asked about where she expects to be in five years, she jokes, “I’ll be standing on a street corner, waiting for the school bus!” But then she grows serious.

“I want to be a great Mom,” she says. “But I’ll never give up being fit, and I want to get back into fitness modeling soon. As long as I have my BetaStax, I know I’ll be ready to work at a moment’s notice!”

BetaStax certainly got the ball rolling quickly. By the start of the 4th week of my regimen, there was a really noticeable difference in my physical shape and decreased body fat! Most people couldn’t believe I just had a baby nine weeks before! Lynda Valeri’s Workout Regimen

Day 1:

40 min Chest and Triceps 4 sets each. Lots of ball crunches in between sets.

Chest: Incline bench both bar or dumbbells, Cable flies both incline or decline, Close grip press light smith machine, Flat fly machine.

Triceps: Sit down triceps machine, one arm back swings, Cable push down close grip or wide, cable rope push down or over head push outs.

Cardio: 30 to 40 minutes on the treadmill, Stairmaster, sit down bike. I mix it up each day.

Day 2:

40 min Leg’s 4 to 5 sets each… Stretch lower back a ham strings in sets.

Leg press, Leg extensions, Lunges with dumbbells, standing dead lifts wide stance, Hamstring leg curls, Wide feet apart leg press 3 set, Light calves.

Cardio: 30 to 40 minutes on the treadmill, Stairmaster, sit down bike. I mix it up each day.

Day 3:

40 min Back & Biceps. 3 sets each.

Back: Medium grill bar pull down or Close grip Bent over rows wide or close, One knee one arm cable rows

Biceps: One arm standing curls, Then bicep machine, Standing fly curls, 20 min on the ball Ab’s

Cardio: 30 to 40 minutes on the treadmill, Stairmaster, sit down bike. I mix it up each day.

Day 4:

I take a class. Anything, Kick box, Spin, Yoga, Ab class

Day 5:

Shoulders and Butt, 3 sets each.

Shoulders: Military press, Upright rows, set down laterals.

Butt.: We have all kinds of machines to help build up a butt. I use them all.

Cardio: 30 to 40 minutes on the treadmill, Stairmaster, sit down bike. I mix it up each day.

Day 6:

Take a class or do cardio. I live on the beach so lots of my cardio is done on the boardwalk or beach.

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