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April has put this yoga for horses video together so more horse owners will get involved with understanding how their horse should be able to move-done daily you will have a different horse in just 30 days. A much more fluid horse-wore willing to give to bit-leg-reign. Equine Integrative Therapies Want to learn more? Private workshops-in Auburn or group workshops at your barn-call for availability for a one on one 2 day intensive workshop-hands on horses–enabling yourself to confidently work on and release sore area’s in your own horses. April also offers Cranial Sacral sessions for head shakers, flighty horses. There is a DVD available to learn more about how to work on your horse yourself! April Battles travels extensively helping horses and their owners come to a new understanding and balance of how to be able to move better together. If you are wondering why your horse is tripping, short striding, pinning ears, swishing tail when saddled or asked for the trot or canter, April can help you find the issue and what the horse needs to resolve it. Training issues – unwilling to flex at the poll, behind the bit, unwilling to extend the gait or canter on the other lead or stop quickly, a horse that turns better to one side than the other – these are all signs the horses body has restriction of motion somewhere and can not do what we ask of them. These simple yoga stretches for horse will help you identify where the problem area is and help the
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