For many people yoga has stopped

For many people yoga has stopped

Article by Na Finefrock

For many people yoga has stopped being a spiritual practice, turning into a real therapeutic solution to many of the health problems that plague modern man. Thus, the very practical benefits of yoga are to be found in the physical realm; of course that this approach to the ancient techniques does not exclude the spiritual dimension of the practice, but this usually comes on the second place, particularly for the westerner who has to operate a true shift of paradigm to adjust. Therefore, most course presentations focus on the immediate benefits of yoga that are to be achieved and noticed in daily life.

Among the first benefits of yoga we should mention the increased body flexibility resulting from the practice of many yoga positions. The joints that are less exercised are the ones to improve condition first and foremost. Then, tendons and ligaments are equally tried, and even if at the beginning you may feel stiff and rigid, the benefits of yoga won’t take long to appear. Thus, many people discover that body postures that seemed extremely uncomfortable before, are now incredibly natural to assume. Without requiring strenuous efforts on the part of the practitioner, yoga definitely restores one’s lost flexibility.

A better health state of the organs is often mentioned among the benefits of yoga; the explanation of the function improvement comes from the fact that the muscles get to massage all the glands and the internal organs thoroughly. Yoga does not address the needs of a single body part, the approach to the physical and the spiritual structure of the individual is a holistic one. When the energetic meridians are free to allow the passage of the energetic flow, when the function of the organs is well stimulated, then disease may be kept away and one may enjoy the beauty of life plentifully.

Yoga very well compensates for the long hours spend in the gym; practicing the yoga body postures will actually keep the muscles in the best of conditions, and will help to the elimination of the fat deposits under the skin. Furthermore, by the gentle tissue and organ massaging, yoga stimulates the blood flow towards specific parts of the body. Hence, a good circulatory system means a proper elimination of the toxins as detoxification is among the most well-spoken of benefits of yoga too. The consequence of the matter is the clear delayed aging process and the incredible amount of stamina resulting from a clean body.

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