FMK: Help Promote True Martial Arts, Become a Sifu in Freddie’s Modern Kung Fu

THE TAO OF FREDDIE’S MODERN KUNG FU: FMK SIFU CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS FOR EXPERIENCED MARTIAL ARTISTS 1. Sifu’s most possess prior Martial Arts experience in any style at an advanced level. 2. Sifu’s must pass the fitness requirements for the Level 3 Black Elite rank based on your age and gender. Videos must be submitted to Sifu Lee to show that the fitness requirements have been accomplished for the year. The fitness requirements can be found at this link 3. Sifu’s must recertify in the fitness requirements every year. Fitness standards based on age and gender must be maintained for the lifetime of the Sifu otherwise he/she will lose certification. 4. Sifu’s must achieve Level 3 Black Elite rank in the Fitness, Technique, and Spiritual aspects of the Martial Arts. 5. Sifu’s must submit videos to Sifu Lee to display their combat technique precision. 6. Sifu’s must have a conversation with Sifu Lee to show that they have a spiritual understanding of the Martial Arts. BENEFITS TO FMK SIFU CERTIFICATION 1. Network with Sifu Lee to share and express True Martial Arts, the integration of Body, Mind, and Spirit. 2. A personal webpage created by Sifu Lee displayed on the FMK website: This webpage will include your Fitness Statistics of the year, General Sifu Information, Biography, Numerous Photos, 1 video of you expressing your Art, a link to your webpage, and also any other information you would
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