Fly Away Bat wings – Triceps Exercise

Fly Away Bat wings – Triceps Exercise

Article by Robert Dyer

The Triceps Brachii or small muscle at the back of the arms sometimes referred to lovingly as bingo wings or bat wings can be quite problematic for both men and women. It is an area that is often forgotten until those summer months when you want to go sleeveless and by then it could be too late to start knocking those arms into shape.

Not to worry – Your London Personal Trainer – has a handy tip that can help to shape and tone the arms with just a few minutes a day.

Firstly, sitting on the floor with a light hand weight or tin of beans, raise one arm straight up towards the ceiling, keep your elbow facing forward in-front of you and let your arm fall down behind your head to a 90 degree angle. Now keeping the shoulder and elbow as still as possible just slowly straighten your arm up and the back down to 90 degrees again. Repeat this ten times on each arm then change over to the other side. As your triceps become stronger you can increase the weight to maximize the benefit.

Once you have mastered ten repetitions on each arm this will represent ‘one set’ you can increase the workload by moving onto two sets (ten on each arm repeated twice), then three sets (ten on each arm repeated three times).

Continue to challenge the muscles and after six to eight weeks, – Your London Personal Trainer – promises you will start to notice a difference in the shape of the muscles at the back of your arms!

One to one fitness training has been proven to be the most effective way to reach your fitness goals. No more paying for gym membership that you never use, no more standing around waiting for machines and no more going along to boring repetitive classes where everyone knows the moves except you.

With Your London Personal Trainer, you will receive individual training specifically designed to meet your requirements. His approach means that he does not just tell you what to do, but work alongside you to motivate and encourage you all the way. He does not one of those ‘boot camp’ type instructors who like to bellow at people. He likes to take time to understand each person he trains with and get to know what motivates him. Only then can he ensure that this investment in your health, will be the best one you have ever made.

About the Author

Robert Dyer, London personal trainer and Greenwich personal trainer with over 10 years post qualification experience, has been providing personal training services to clients in London for many years. He manages Your London Personal Trainer throughout London.

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