Five senior owners to see the experience of keeping a car way – Maintenance – Automotive repair and

Five senior owners to see the experience of keeping a car way – Maintenance – Automotive repair and

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Car the vehicle service and maintenance can be divided into two parts the warranty period in accordance with the instructions for maintenance and Service Otherwise manufacturers would no longer be deductible or repair Second out of maintenance after the warranty period it is every vehicle owner to be faced what to do How to do Those car owners have their own tricks up their sleeves and methods where only some of my methods and experience to make a report in order to encourage each other I was in October 2002 some of their own car I realized that cars are intelligent you car is not ill treat you good car it would be less troubled less breakdown you pay no attention to maintenance inspection it will always go wrong my approach is 1 the establishment of traffic records and bring with him File there mileage maintenance content maintenance time notes and so on every time the maintenance and regard the time traveling miles maintenance including 3 filter Replacement parts replacement repair parts and repair fault conditions the state after the maintenance time the next step note etc accurately recorded Fuel consumption Conditions driving traffic my feelings are recorded on file Should carefully note the file conversion of kilometers per tire Engine oil Antifreeze brake fluid replacement mileage and time so check with the next replacement In short the situation on the vehicle used to remember clearly note potential 2 to ensure vehicle fuel liquid filter clean and use Before the oil every 5 000 km will change the remaining one third of gasoline per tank when filled gear oil every 50 000 km will change brake fluid must be changed every 20 000 kilometers 30 000 kilometers antifreeze will change air filter devices fuel filter should be replaced on time Oil water liquid drip to keep clean and do not use the standard is to extend the service life of vehicles using the key security guarantee 3 the use of spare parts have a choice Vehicle maintenance and replacement of spare parts I have a principle that the key it is important to use genuine spare parts to purchase in the formal external parts minor parts can be used to pay goods or ancillary plant products Such as brake pads cylinder lines Spark Plug So use genuine and issue receipts to have problems look like water tanks headlamps bumpers Decoration And so shall pay to use the plant parts the same effect This not only saved money but also ensure the safe use of vehicles 4 conservation oriented Car Is on Save the family car your car is a vehicle should follow the principles we use in this respect I do First there is no emergency or hurry to take the national highway speed is not going as far as cost savings and high speed toll Second the usual washing waxing done all by myself so not only saved money they exercise the body and live to do more than Car wash shop To be much more precise third ground inspection maintenance weekly on oil antifreeze brake fluid battery and other parts it was discovered in time to solve the problem the wheel yourself every 10 000 km transposition Fourth driving in the slow refueling according to rotation speed using the right gear the operation is not hard soft so it saves fuel vehicles better 5 as fixed a car repair garage This can and garage owner and mechanic familiar with the relatively reasonable price some small problems do not handle money or replace the three filters However the object must be selected Sometimes car some complex diseases can makers in the formal inspection then the relationship between the factory and they have repaired Such as my car lights once fault has been unable to find the reasons for exclusion can not and later found a regular automotive plant a test computer is a bad throttle position sensor and own the city bought an auto parts and their connection between the garage fitted all right do not spend repairs

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