Few tips for perfect yoga poses

Few tips for perfect yoga poses

Article by Ayaz Khan

The surest pathway to salvation – yoga and meditation practice can be termed as the symphony of life. Practicing yoga and different asanas develop greater discipline. Yoga sadhana unites the mind, body and soul and lead an individual to a state of timeless bliss.

Though yoga evolved some five thousand years back, its utility and benefits are widely recognized. In today’s jet edge, human beings often than not, are subjected to anxiety and stress. These mental hazards also have a negative influence on the physical health of the individual. At such a predicament, practicing yoga asanas and meditation help one arise from the material bindings and helps to develop a feeling of deep spiritual insight within. There are many kind of yoga forms, like, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vikrama Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and many more. Each forms comprise of some simple asanas which leads the practitioner to achieve a state of optimal physical health and bless him with a state of peace.

However, there are certain things that must be kept in mind while practicing yoga. The place where the yoga is to be practiced, ought to be neat and clean. Meditation and Pranayama – the keys to yoga, needs to be practiced in such a state where the mind is free from any kinds of distractions. Soothing music does a lot of good in this regard. Music is believed to be the best healer and concentrator and thus a soothing music enhance the mood of the individual and creates the perfect ambiance to carry out yoga and meditation. The online music company, Spirit Voyage, offers a variety of Meditation music CDs and DVDs collection. ONG by Guru Shabad Sing Khalsa, Yoga Living Series – Meditative Moon by various Spirit Voyage artistes opens the gift of divinity for a yoga practitioner. The tranquil and soothing sound incites peace and relaxation within the individual.

A yoga practitioner should have proper apparels and clothing for practicing yoga. The practitioner should wear apparels made of natural fabric like cotton and linen. The natural fabrics does not cling to the body and thus allow the practitioner to perform the yoga asanas with all comfort and ease. Spirit Voyage offers varying yoga clothing for both men and women. There are men’s yoga pants and tops, Women’s Kundalini clothes, yoga tops and pants for women and many more. These apparels are good for the nervous system, perfect for the psyche of the practitioner and enhances his energy levels.

Asanas are the heart of any yoga practice, but it is an utmost necessity to carry out the asanas in accordance to the specific teachings of any yoga instructor. Nowadays, various record label companies have yoga instruction CDs and DVDs in the offering. Choosing a perfect Yoga DVD or CD shall help a yoga aspirant to perform the yoga asanas safely and perfectly. Spirit Voyage is one of the pioneer online music store that offers a variety of Yoga Music CDs and DVDs. Spirit Voyage also offers audio instruction Cds and Dvds which enables a person to carry out his daily yoga sessions with all perfection. There are some excellent resources in the Yoga books offered by Spirit Voyage. There are books on Kundalini Yoga, General Yoga books, Yoga Books for children, and variety of Health and Wellness books. These books contain in depth instructions on different kind of yogas and the asanas. The detailed information and images in the books are kind of tips and manuals that help a person to explore the newer yoga positions and carry out different asanas safely.

Anything that is watched, read or listened about yoga, details about the various benefits of yoga practice but often skips the message of instructing an aspirant to practice the different poses in the correct manner. It is an utmost necessity that an individual should choose poses that seem appropriate to his energy level. As a beginner, an aspirant should begin with gentle yoga poses and then work up to stronger ones. He should inhale evenly through the nose throughout the postures. The yoga poses and postures should be steady and soft. If any particular pose is too strainous or giving pain, that should be ceased practicing for that time. Rushing into and out of a pose will not yield any fruit for practitioner, rather the poses should be rightly performed, slowly and carefully.

A yoga aspirant should not continue with a pose if he is having a permanent injury and which could be strained by a particular yoga pose. Trying hard to achieve the perfection of a pose like the yoga instructor is not a wise thing. Forcing the body beyond the limit will only cause injury. One should not make it a habit of practicing yoga poses and asanas in front of the mirror. The perfection of the poses depend on the benefits and not how it looks like.

Today, practice of yoga has surpassed all cross country borders. With passing time, its universal appeal has proved beneficial for everyone. Spirit Voyage, the pioneer online music company aims to take a yoga aspirant towards an inward joyous journey. The various Meditation Music and Yoga Music CDs and DVDs offered by the company rejuvenates the senses of a yoga practitioner and guides him towards a path of holistic insight. An Ancient Muse by Loreena McKennitt, Adhara by Nirinjan Kaur, Venus Gong by Sotantar Simrat Singh are some of the renowned yoga music Cds which will aid a yoga practitioner in his yoga session. Yoga for Beginners by Rodney Yee is the perfect Yoga DVD for the one who is new to yoga discipline. The essence of the fact that music and yoga are inseparable entities is rightly upheld by the online music company, Spirit Voyage. Bliss your inner self and lead yourself with a spiritual odyssey with Spirit Voyage music.

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The author writes for Spirit Voyage which is engaged in offering various kinds of yoga music and meditation music. The company offers different CDs and DVDs for practicing yoga DVDs and other yoga forms.

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