Favourite destination for holiday seeker in the world for SPA and well being

Favourite destination for holiday seeker in the world for SPA and well being

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Do you hope to have a getaway holiday from the tension of day to day routines? Seeking for a holiday that you will not only enjoy but also healthy and calm your body? You might be looking for a holiday that is combining with spa and wellness treatment.There are increasing people in the world searching for balance in travelling and wellness in body. In this way, not only one can travel, but also be healthy, relaxed and revitalized! There are also increasing people in the world searching for speciality SPA and body wellness holiday which concentrated on the healing,healthy eating,vitality or even physical beauty.

With more people who spent holiday searching for holidays that are rejuvenating both mind and body, many resort and hotel in Asia have combine traditional Asian healing practice with western philosophies to produce SPA and treatment that include body revitalizing, enhance health, vitality, detoxification,slimming and physical beauty.

In combination with the SPA treatment, when you obtain the SPA package, some resort also includes mind rejuvenating treatment such as yoga and meditation. To make out the most of your holiday, search for cheap hotel,cheap phone card or calling card and share your travel by using good web hosting.

Asia has increasingly been a favourite destination for holiday seeker in the world for SPA and well being. Below are well-known resort and hotel in Asia for its SPA and Wellness:

Absolute Sanctuary, Samui, ThailandA total relaxation program, including detoxification is offered at this resort. After spending time in good detoxification healing program, spa treatment, eating healthy organic food and yoga, it will make you end your holiday feeling a total bliss and rejuvenated.

The Farm, PhilippinesThis resort is concentrated on a total wellness program including recovery detox program. Located within 2 hours from manila, the farm offer its guest a unique cuisine in which cooking is replaced by dehydrators. The food is so good that you will love it. After spending time in the detox program, you will be sure to feel like a total new person!

Hanafubuki, Shizuoka, JapanYou might have heard a lot of Japan “Onsen” (Hot Spring). The best place to try a really good Onsen is in Hanafubuki. Located in the forest, Hanafubuki resort will enjoy the best view of nature while experience being healed mentally and physically.

Como Shambhala Estate, Ubud, BaliIf you are a spa lover, you should go to Como Shambhala Estate. Located in hilltop, you can enjoy ranges of spa and treatment which include mind and body healing,body and pollution cleansing, beauty treatment and stress treatment In Como Shambhala Estate, guest can also enjoy private pools, fitness, and after a relaxing spa or day in the pool, enjoy your meal in a very good restaurant in Como Shambhala Estate, Glow. In the end of your holiday in Como Shambhala Estate, you will be stress free and healthy.

Ananda Spa, Rishikesh, Himalaya, IndiaIndia is one of the places in the world well known for its retreat and spiritual place for body, mind and spirit. Ananda combine a famous traditional Indian yoga and ayurvedic spa treatment with modern western technology. The resort design is elegant and in fact, it used to be a home of one of the maharaja.

The feast that you will have in Ananda Spa will be determined by your body type which will be determined on your arrival at Ananda; ” water and earth” or ” air and space”, ” fire and water ” etc.

After spending day doing yoga and spa, and still could not get enought of Rishikesh, you can have a guided treks to Rishikesh and enjoy the true nature beauty. In Rishikesh, you will be inspired, be enlightened, be healed, and stress free!

Other than the 5 top SPA and wellness resort, there are also a lot of resort in other part of Asia to spend your holiday; Ayurveda Pacillions(Sri Lanka),Spring City Resort( Taiwan),Vin Pearl Resort and Spa (Cha Trang), Six Senses (Phuket),Aman Spa (Beijing),Spa at Four Seasons Hotel(Macau),Banyan Tree Sanya(Hainan),Bliss Spa, W hotel (Hong Kong)

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