Fat Loss Exercises – Body Weight Exercises

www.fatlossinnovator.com – Below is today’s awesome fat loss workout! What is cool is that you don’t need any machines, or equipment to do these. All body weight exercises. You are guaranteed to burn some major calories while doing this workout. So check out the exercises below… Workout For Today 1) Dive Bomber Push Ups – Start on your hands and feet in the Push Up Position. Raise your butt up in the air. Leading with your head, lower and raise your body up and down. 2)Y Squats – Holding your arms up above your head in the shape of a “y” perform a squat 3) Single Leg Hip Raise – Lie on your back and shoulders. Extend one leg up in the air,and have the other one bent at the knee with the foot flat on the floor. Push your hips up in the air. Squeeze the glutes at the top, and then lower back down. 4) Staggered Stance Push Up – Perform a regular push up but have one hand farther forward then the other. Switch hands half way through 5) Split Squats – Stand with one leg forward and one leg back. Lower yourself down where your back knee almost hits the floor. Then stand up. Repeat over and over. Switch legs halfway Finisher 1) Bear Crawls – Start on your hands and feet. Keeping your legs straight, walk on your hands and feet 2) Push Up Jacks – Start in the push up position and kick your feet in and out to the side. 3) Jumping Jacks – Kick the legs out and in while raising your hands up and down over your head 4) Crossover Jacks – Standing up with your hands on your hips

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