Fat Burning Workout (No Gym Needed)

View all recipes here: leanbodylifestyle.blogspot.com Facebook: on.fb.me Twitter: bit.ly Directions: After a light warm-up, complete 30 seconds of each exercise at 100% intensity, take 15 seconds of rest, then transition to the next exercise. Rest for 1-minute and repeat the circuit one more time. Each circuit takes about 6 minutes, so the entire workout will be about 13 minutes. Make sure you’re doing all the exercises as explosively as possible for the entire 30 seconds and don’t cheat on the rest periods. Wow, what to say about this workout other than intense. This is a great MMA bodyweight condition circuit that will help you burn muscle and blast away stubborn body fat. “You dont have to be a die hard UFC or MMA fan to use this workout. As long as you dig the ripped, athletic look (for guys) or the lean and toned look (for girls), this UFC workout is perfect for you. This workout will take your cardiovascular conditioning to the next level. More importantly, you’ll be producing a lot of lactic acid and forcing your muscles to work while they’re short on oxygen. This causes a sweet after burn effect, where your body will have to work hard to bring things back to normal. The result? A spike in metabolism for the next couple of days that will eat away at unsightly body fat. Music by: Kevin MacLeod – incompetech.com Rock Hybrid, Kevin MacLeod (www.incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0” http
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