Fat Blasting Regimen Developed Yoga Trainer

Fat Blasting Regimen Developed Yoga Trainer

Article by Jennifer Schaecher

Yoga lovers will now have an exciting approach to losing weight. I’ve been involved in the fitness industry for over a decade. I’ve mainly done in-home, one-on-one trainings. I’ve been allowed into the private lives of many area women. What I’ve found out has been quite a revelation…


Yep, what I’ve found out is that, while I had the best intentions, I was leaving at least half of a proper weight loss regimen up to sheer chance and willpower of my client. Because, while I was happy to guide them through a great workout, my nutritional guidance was next to nothing. And lets face it, when left to our own devices, there are WAY too many bad choices available. An overabundance of worthless and incorrect information exists, too, so even when we are REALLY trying, it’s still easy to feel discouraged by lack of progress. And while I’m being blatantly honest, I’ll tell you something else, too.

And this is embarrassing…

I’m headed into my late thirties (ugh!) and I’m noticing some disturbing changes. While Ive always been thin, all of a sudden, I noticed a pudgy center developing. And I’m thinking, “Oh great! Just what women want, a fat fitness trainer, specializing in weight loss!”

So while I’ve studied much on exercise, I recently dove headfirst into A LOT of information and experimentation on diet and nutrition. If you know me at all, I am always reading and researching. I’ve managed to shift through a lot of bad, misleading and wrong “facts” and have drilled down to the simplest, healthiest, and most effective ways to incorporate exercise and nutrition into your life, resulting in amazing energy, toning and fat loss.

And then the other issue…time.

So now I’ve blended exercise and nutrition but it’s still a terrible challenge trying to get busy women to schedule 3 hours a week for instruction. It’s just really difficult to offer training in the traditional format.

I’ve already created a power-packed 10 minute workout.to energize and blast fat. I’ve got all the simple strategies to eat well for health and weight loss. And to overcome the excuses about time, I decided to develop an online format.

After all, what could be better than absolute flexibility to workout and get guidance and support, while completely working on your own schedule?

So, in summary the overall approach is:

*Nutritional Guidance: It’s appalling what some consider “healthy eating”. No, I don’t believe in denying yourself all the junk you love. But you do need to have the mindset of a “healthy lifestyle for life”.

*Guided Workouts: Most people workout in a very ineffectual manner that can even be dangerous. Get professional guidance so as not to waste time or risk injury.

*Support and Accountability: Have you ever attempted dietary changes or exercise regimens on your own? It’s REALLY hard and frequently ends in frustration and disappointment. Having a coach is KEY.

About the Author

Find out how Omaha yoga can help women nation-wide at http://www.quick-weight-loss-success.com/omahayoga.html and if you’d like a “free taste” of online training I’ve posted a complimentary video at http://www.quick-weight-loss-success.com/freeworkoutplan.html

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