Fast Weight Loss Exercises for Women

Fast Weight Loss Exercises for Women

Article by Dana G.

We all know that the men and women do not have the similar physical structure. Similarly this applies to the exercises we do. The exercises are not the same for the men and women. It is mostly observed that women usually have fat around the hips and thighs. On the other hand, most men gain weight at the middle portion of their body. Female exercises are intended not only to reduce weight but also toning up their physique.

There are various female exercises that can help to reduce weight fast. An ideal weight loss exercise plan consists of cardio exercises, core strengthening exercises and weight exercises. Before starting up any fitness program you have to be sure that weight loss is a gradual process and takes reasonable time to show the measurable effects. Once you are comfortable with the present routine only then should the intensity be raised. You should not cause any pain to yourself and if you notice any pain then stop the exercise immediately and confront physician. It is essential to keep your body healthy and to hydrate while you are engaged in any workout routines.

Two of the most popular women exercises are given below in detail:

Cardio Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises increase the heart beat. These exercises are very well known at reducing weight effectively and quickly. In simple words the exercises that produce perspiration and increase the heart beat are known as the Cardio Exercises. If you want to lose weight quickly then you must follow the cardio exercise with higher and higher intensity. Below are some examples of Cardio Exercises;

• Running• Elliptical Machines• Swimming• Strength Exercises

There are many exercises programs that don’t treat strength exercise as important in the routine. But the face is just like cardio exercises because strength exercises are very important to burn the excessive fat from the body. It is usually believed that weight exercises can make the physique bulky or muscular while this is not the fact. The level of testosterone is the reason for a heavy muscular body. The level of testosterone is higher in men than the women. The weights actually work on the flab and help to reduce weight. Below given are some points you must keep in mind while doing strength exercises.

Muscle Building

Muscles are only built if they are given the task to which they are not used to.

Intensity: Once you start the weights the body becomes used to it so always increase or change the intensity such as the repetitions of per sets, the weight or the duration.

Rest: The Strength exercises put stress on the muscles of your body and by the over doing of this exercise may cause injuries to the muscles. So this is necessary to have a rest and break when you are doing strength trainings.

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