Fast Weight Loss Exercise – Modifying Your Workout Method

Fast Weight Loss Exercise – Modifying Your Workout Method

Article by Mike Wilson

Let me ask you something first: what is comes into your mind when you head about exercise program for weight loss? Hours and hours of long cardio session? Riding your elliptical machine while watching Oprah? Your own expensive fitness machines and gym membership? Or perhaps having supplements before and after your six day per week strength training?

If you’ve ever done one (or all) of those things, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that they will only offer very insignificant result, make you broke, and make you depressed even more. Usually, a common weight loss exercise program makes these mistakes:

* Don’t really care about nutrition guide or healthy eating.

* Focus the training on the area that you hate the most. Example: sit ups to lose belly fat, chest training to lose man boobs, etc. Doing this will result in no significant progress and only stressed you more.

* Using traditional low pace cardio that will takes hours to finish.

* Make you spend more money on gym membership, fitness machine, or supplements.

Here’s what you should do to gain significant result: high intensity strength training and cardio that complemented with healthy eating habit to ensure good nutrients intake. This is the fastest way to burn fat, building muscle, strength, and endurance all at the same time. However, please do notice that you must use the right program because it has to be done correctly to get the best result.

The best part of a weight loss exercise program that apply this principle are it won’t take your time (20 minutes per session, three times per week) and it won’t steal your money because you can do it at home with minimum equipment; no gym membership and no expensive supplement.

The exercise itself may seem different compared to the well known method that you know; let’s see a few exercises:

1. Squat

For many experienced fitness trainers, squat is a favorite exercise for muscle building and fat burning, but most of them are focusing too much on repetition and ignoring intensity. Here’s what most people usually do: a set of warm-ups, then followed by 3-5 sets with 8-10 reps each set.

Instead of the usual way, try this: first, reduce the weight that you use in half. Second, slow down your movement to about 5-10 second per repetition from the first one. Make sure you know the rule: concentrate to lift the weight slowly, pause for a moment when you’ve reached the top, then slowly lower the weight.

How many reps? No need to count this one; just do it until you can’t complete another repetition at that speed despite your greatest effort. If you do it right, your heart rate will goes up and you’ll gasping for air like you’ve done a 100 meter sprint. Seems familiar? Yes, it is a sign that you’ve done not only strength training, but also cardiovascular exercise at the same time.

You may also notice that your thighs, butt, hips, and calves will feel very weak. The best thing is you will not spend too much time to attain this condition because 60 seconds is all that you need.

2. Dumbbell Curl Exercise for Biceps

Take a dumbbell, then begin with the weight at your side, then slowly curl the dumbbell up to your shoulders. This movement will train your positive strength level. At the time you reach the top, hold for a moment while contracting your biceps; the purpose here is to train your static strength level.

The last part in this workout is slowly lower the dumbbell back to your sides. This will train your negative strength level. The whole description above is the right way to do and get maximum result from a curl exercise.

Usually, most people only care about ‘lifting’, neglect both negative and static strength, thus they will only gain only one third of the benefits form this exercise. Why? Static and negative portion can boost your strength level, and strength leads to muscle growth, which leads to faster metabolism. Faster metabolism will leads to faster fat loss and many other improved health factors.

The two exercises above are part of a weight loss exercise program that using shorts interval training and the right nutrition to gain the fastest result without consuming a lot of your time.

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