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www.fairfieldfitbodybootcamp.com – Fairfield Boot camp – Here is another killer Fairfield weight loss workout by Connecticut’s best fitness boot camp. Perform 50 seconds for each of the first 5 body weight exercises. Take a 10 second rest in between each one. Do this for 4 rounds. . Rest for a minute then perform the finisher round. Today’s workout 1)Sprint In Place – 2) Side Lunges – Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Then extend one leg out to the side and squat down on that leg. Keeping the other one straight. Push yourself back up and repeat the motion. 3) Shoulder Push Ups – Start in the push up position with your butt raised up in the air. Your body should be in the shape of and upside down “V”. Then proceed to do a push up using your arms and shoulders 4) Alternating Leg Raises – – Lie on your back with your hands under your butt. Extend both legs out and then lift one leg up at a time towards the ceiling. Alternating each leg, raising and lowering them. 5) 5 crunches into 5 back raises – perform 5 crunches and then in a single motion rollover onto your stomach and perform 5 back raises. Roll back over and perform the crunches. Finisher 1) Low Squat Hops – Get into a good squat position and keeping your body low, hop up and down 2) Single leg star hops – similar to the forward and back hops but use one leg and hop forward, back, and side to side, then repeat. Switch legs halfway 3) Squat Jacks – perform jumping jacks while squatting down 4) Single leg star hops
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