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www.fairfieldfitbodybootcamp.com – Try this Fairfield Boot Camp Workout that has great weight loss exercises The exercises are listed below. 1) Lunge Hops – Start in the lunge position (kneeling position w the knee touching the floor) and then jump up and switch legs in the air. Land with the opposite leg forward in the lunge position. Quickly jump up and switch the legs again. Perform this continuously. 2) Jumping Jacks – In the standing position kick your feet out to the side. As the legs go out to the side swing both arms up over head. Quickly bring your legs back to the middle and lower your arms. Repeat. 3) Sprint In Place – As hard as you can run in place. Swinging your arms to help the legs move 4) Push Up Touch Shoulders – Perform a push up and when you are back in the up position lift one arm up and touch the opposite shoulder, then do the same with the other arm. 5) Reverse Bridge Extension – Hold your hips up off the floor with your legs extended all the way out in front of you and your arms behind you. Squeeze your glutes the whole time. For a one week trial call 203-292-0493 or sign up online at… www.fairfieldfitbodybootcamp.com
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