Facelift vs SmartLift – Dr. Sessa from Sarasota Surgical Arts.

www.SarasotaSurgicalArts.com Dr. Alberico Sessa 941.923.1736 for a free consultation Sarasota Surgical Arts 4143 Clark Road, Sarasota, Florida 34233 So, the way that I started with the Smart Lift was after doing hundreds of conventional face lifts and seeing the patients post-operatively and seeing– sometimes they had a little bit more difficulty with the recovery period. Sometimes, it was a little bit more extended. Sometimes people weren’t real happy with the large scars that were left behind after a conventional Facelift. So, over time, I started to realize that I didn’t have to do this much surgery to give people the same result. So, I started to reduce the scar and give people smaller and smaller scars. Now, where I am now with the Smart Lift, I’m giving people about a 50% reduction in the scar, and that equates exponentially to the post-operative period where I’m seeing people at 4 and 5 days going back to work where they have some minimal bruising. They have minimal so-called down time where they feel they can’t really go out in public and do things. Most of my patients are out and about within 5 days and go back to work. Most of my patients actually come from work to get their sutures out after about 5 days, and this is what people really love. This is what really opens their minds to how wonderful this procedure is and how I’ve sort of changed their lives. And this is what really turns me on as a surgeon and what I really appreciate, because I’ve seen how my

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