Exploring Free Online Yoga Programs

Exploring Free Online Yoga Programs

Article by Nikki Davila

So many people seem to be interested in free online yoga classes. Some may just be curious while others may not be able to afford full yoga classes yet. If you are in search of free classes, there are a couple of things that you should have in mind first.

Yoga Benefits

We all have been told that yoga is one of the best sports for just anyone, but what exactly you can benefit by practising yoga? To put it short, it improves your physical strength and flexibility and keeps your organs and systems functioning properly. It also calms and relaxes you and relieves pain and stress. In the end, yoga ultimately leads people to physical, mental and spiritual harmony. In other words, yoga can help you achieve overall health and change the way you respond to life situations and conditions.

Free Online Yoga Instructions

The usual idea we have with yoga is that students have to sit in front of teachers who demonstrate yoga techniques. You can actually enjoy this same kind of instruction for free online. Some yoga websites will let their users or members watch actual demonstration videos online. Users then just have to follow instructions to get the right way of performing a technique. In some cases, some individuals may prefer written and illustrated instructions from web pages or free newsletters.

Different Types of Yoga

You can not just pick and use any free online yoga material. You have to find out first which kind of yoga you are most comfortable with. You may for example prefer Hatha yoga over Ashtanga yoga or Kundalini yoga over Bikram yoga. Different forms or kinds of yoga will teach you different techniques.

Free yoga videos can be for either beginners or more advanced students. Check the level before downloading the material. Otherwise, you might get into techniques that are not good for you to handle on your own. In some cases, a free yoga program may only teach you yoga techniques up to a certain point, and you need to find out for yourself whether free program is fully geared or will leave you hanging.

Yoga Teachers

Just as there are different yoga disciplines, there are also a great number of yoga masters. This is especially true online. Since authenticity is a little difficult to check on the internet, some scam artists may even pose as yoga masters. Do a little research on where exactly your free material comes from. This can protect you from injury and help you achieve the goal of yoga better.


You may be looking at a real master execute some great yoga moves but he is not looking at you. This means that you have to monitor yourself to be certain that you are being serious and careful in performing yoga techniques. You also have to be sure that you know how to follow instructions. You might be the type of student who cannot learn well without actual classroom instruction.

Some free online yoga materials can be just as good as the paid ones and can truly change your life. You need to be sure though that you have the right materials and the commitment to practice yoga techniques on your own.

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If you are serious about undertaking free online yoga class, you may like to get started with our free yoga videos. You can also check out this related article about benefits of yoga.

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