Expanding Light Lifestyles for Radiant Health; Amy

The Expanding Light Yoga and Meditation Retreat offers a new course: Lifestyles for Radiant Health. September 19-26 and November 30th thru December 7th 2008. -Yoga therapy and postures for greater awareness -Strategies to help you make real changes in your life -Dietary adjustments and cooking tips for radiant health -A personalized meditation program for your spiritual growth -Exercise and helpful tools for total relaxation at home We invite you to join us for 6 dynamic days to change your life! An Expanding Light Personal Lifestyle Coach, an expert in proven Yogic health principles, will work with you daily in one-to-one sessions. Together you will create a plan to meet your particular needs of body mind and soul. Each day you’ll attend inspiring group classes about yoga, meditation, exercise, diet and stress reduction. You’ll leave this life changing week with a practical, effective program and tools to integrate into your life. To support your ongoing success your coach will be available after you get home. Call 1.800.346.5350 to talk to a coach and learn more.

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