Exercises That Helps in Dieting

Exercises That Helps in Dieting

Article by Sue Dingerson

People have a tendency to look good and to have a good health. Only with a healthy body we can have an intelligent and healthy mind. In this fast moving world, very few people have time for proper workouts to keep their body fit and fine from all ailments. Even they couldn’t have proper time to dedicate on adopting a proper eating habit. Whenever they get time, they eat, and whatever they get they eat. Most of the time there is wide gap between two successive meals. That results indigestion and other diseases due to bad eating habits.

Therefore one has to spend some time for exercises to get rid of all the malfunctioning of body. For avoiding any sort of medicine, exercise should be considered as an alternative medicine. It should be done as taking daily doses of medicine. Men should avoid food containing large amount of fats. Food having fats will increase the weight and also it is difficult to digest. Proper diet is a must for healthy body. Losing weight through natural process is beneficial, whereas dieting at every step is not enough. Proper strategies should be followed while having meals. Taking meal in time without long gaps helps in proper digestion. Other than that one should not lie down immediately after taking meals. After taking daily food one should do little walking. It helps in digestion.

Morning walk is always good, which includes yoga and exercise. If that is tough then one can do cycling, skipping or swimming. A habit of doing these simple and common exercises keeps the metabolisms of body in shape. One should not do too much at once. Try to adopt light and frequent eating habits, overeating can be risky.

There are some exercises which helps in digesting includes:

1. CRUNCHES – Lie flat on your back and with knees bent; lift the shoulders off the floor without using your neck.2. LEG RISES – Lie flat on your back, raising both legs from the floor at the same time in a fluid movement.3. REVERSE CURL – Lie on your back and bend your knees towards the chest, while keeping your hips on the floor.4. CAPTAINS CHAIR – While sitting on a sturdy chair grips the armrests and slowly lifts your knees towards your chest. Keep your back straight and do not use your neck muscles!5. FLUTTER KICKS – Lie on your back with knees bent and your feet flat. Straighten both legs and alternate lifting each leg at 45 to 90 ° angles.6. STRAIGHT LEG OBLIQUES – Lie on your back and lift your legs straight into the air. Rotate your legs to either side alternatively, whilst keeping your legs straight at all times.

Apart from that doing some house hold work also helps in reducing calories. Whatever may be the circumstances if exercise is done regularly it can help from having many disease.

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