Exercises for Seniors

Exercises for Seniors

Article by Baron Austin

Finally, it is necessary for seniors to do some sort of balance exercises. This is an area of exercise that is often overlooked, yet very important. Slip and fall accidents are the number one category of injury for the elderly. The reason is because as we age we also lose our sense of balance and become more vulnerable to falling. By doing balance exercises this will help prevent fall accidents.

Yoga Like I mentioned before, stretching is vital for injury prevention in all stages of life. Yoga is an excellent tool for increasing flexibility. Core strength quickly develops when doing a yoga routine. Yoga is also great for improving your mood, easing symptoms of arthritis, and decreases stress along with many more benefits. The combination of motion and breathing exercises helps give a demanding physical and mental workout.

Flexibility exercises for golf is a critical component to performing a repeatable, powerful, and mechanically sound golf swing…that produces the x-factor of a 90 degree shoulder turn, with only 45 degrees of hip turn. Senior golfers are the prime target to benefit the most from flexibility exercises for golf.

Getting at least 30 minutes of physical activity (the kind that makes you breathe harder) will increase your endurance. Thistype of exercise will help boost your energy. If you are just beginning to exercise, start with 10 minutes of physical activitya day and increase the amount every week.

Talking from experience, the results are rarely predictable: some clients become a little stronger, more flexible and gain confidence in their balance, others receive psychological benefits such as feeling happier, more inclined to interact and having an appetite. Of course there are those who won’t get either type of benefit and also those who will get both. Whatever the outcome, it’s important not to give up – for each person, every day is different and their next attempt may well surprise you – and them!

For example Mary Margaret, a 67-year-old lady who has suffered from knee injury, hip injury due to a gunshot, had two broken shoulders and a broken elbow, tells of how exercise has helped her. She hasn’t been able to run in 20 years and now she runs with her husband and her dog using the GlideCycle. After the second session on the GlideCycle she noticed she it was much easier for her to get up and out of chairs.

Exercise is a key ingredient in a healthy lifestyle – whether you are 20 or 70. Physical activity can improve strength, balance and brain function as well as prevent disease. Along with building a strong cardiovascular system, the benefits of exercise are significant at any age, and can be especially important to maintain senior health. Studies have shown that regular exercise for seniors is vital to senior health and to the prevention and treatment of many medical conditions including Alzheimer’s disease and Osteoporosis.

As a senior when you exercise it is important you start every session off the right way. Stretching is very important. The best way to start a routine is to begin with about 5 minutes of a cardio exercise to get your body warmed up. Next, go through a series of stretching exercises. After this you will be ready to begin your fitness workout.

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