Exercises For Elderly People – Fit Over 40

Exercises For Elderly People – Fit Over 40

Article by Sarah Kaser

It is a fact that the human body weakens as we age, and comes with it are joint aches and pains, as well as, other symptoms of aging. Performing exercises for elderly people will greatly help in relieving these symptoms and will let one feel stronger and be more active. These types of exercises should be low impact and uncomplicated and gradually overtime, elderly people can regain physical abilities they thought they had lost such as balance and coordination.Click Here For Fit Over 40 Instant Access Now!It is best to start slowly, five minutes of any activity is enough if you’re just starting out and just progress gradually. If you have been inactive for quite a while, then it is just normal to feel some discomforts at first and accept the fact that it may take you months to be able to move continuously for thirty minutes. For men who are 40 and above and women who are over 50 or have risk factors for heart disease it is much better to consult your doctor first.Yoga is one of the best exercises for elderly people; it will ultimately lead them toward long term health and well being. Yoga offers a lot of benefits such as increased energy, better posture, increases the intake of oxygen, and enhances the functioning of the respiratory, digestive, endocrine, reproductive, and elimination systems. This type of exercise benefits both the mind and body, and unlike other competitive sports, yoga can still be done even if a person is already ninety years old. Studies have shown that water exercises are also beneficial for the elderly and have been shown to have similar cardiovascular and musculoskeletal benefits for older people as aerobic exercises.Exercises for elderly people also include Tai’chi, which is based on a series of slow moving, circular dance like movements. While doing Tai’chi, the mind is relaxed and focused on breathing and slow, fluid movement from one pose to the next.Click Here For Fit Over 40 Instant Access Now!

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