Exercise Tips for Seniors

Exercise Tips for Seniors

Article by Helen R. Miller

Exercise is essential for all age groups, especially seniors. You can improve the quality of your life, by doing the right type of exercises. The muscle mass begins to lose at the age of fifty and at the same time fifteen pounds of fat is deposited in every ten years. Less muscle and more fat deposits can contribute to various diseases, including heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes and osteoarthritis. Some researches proved that Alzheimer’s disease and some types of cancers are also associated with lack of physical activities when we age. On the other hand, seniors who do some regular exercise control their weight gain and stay away from diabetes and other diseases.Some helpful exercises for seniors:

* Endurance exercise:When you age, you may lose your aerobic fitness. Engaging in some endurance activities like running, biking, brisk walking for at least thirty minutes a day can be really helpful to overcome this difficulty.

* Stretching:Some useful stretching exercises for seniors include yoga and Pilates. Stretching improves the flexibility of muscles and reduces the risk of injury. You can try stretching in the morning, so that your body can get ready for other activities.

* Strength training:Strength training exercise for seniors, including weight lifting, hiking, running etc can be effective in decreasing bodyweight and reducing blood pressure. It also increases the metabolic rate and keeps your energy level high.

* Balance exercise:You can use a balance ball for doing some core exercises. These exercises can help you to stay independently and to avoid the disabilities that would result from falling.

* Meditation:You can reduce the stress and frustrations with Yoga and other meditation techniques. This can surely help to enhance the quality of your life.

If you are new to exercising, it is worth to create a systematic plan to improve your stamina and stability. You need to remember too much exercising is as harmful as lack of exercising. You can allot a special time to do some workouts daily. You can go through the online resources to get to know about useful exercises for seniors. If you feel muscle soreness or muscular pain, you need to take some steps to get rid of aches first. You can use ice therapy to reduce the pain and then get ready for the next day workout. You need to drink more water. Dehydration is a serious problem for seniors and you need to avoid it.

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