Exercise Tips For Arthritis Sufferers

Exercise Tips For Arthritis Sufferers

Article by Gale Tern

Exercises do relieve arthritis joint pain, if done properly and with the required approval from your doctor. Exercise may sound like something you are completely unwilling to do, especially with the amount of pain you may be experiencing. However, there are several reasons why exercise may be the best solution for your pain.

Exercising can:

*Improve the strength of your muscles around your joints, reducing pain *Improve your self-image and help improve your well being *Give you added strength to accomplish your daily goals *Give you more energy throughout the day *Helps to maintain bone strength, decreasing the right of broken bones

Now some individuals may be in a situation where additional exercise and movement of the joints will increase the pain they feel. With your doctor’s approval, consider the following exercises for arthritis joint pain relief.

Aerobic Exercise: Aerobic exercise helps to improve overall fitness abilities. It will help improve your stamina and give you the ability to lose weight, if you need to. Try bike riding, swimming and even just a 30 minute walk every day, to get started.

Range of Motion Exercise: Many individuals suffering from joint pain from arthritis suffer from a loss of range of motion, or the ways in which they can move their joints. These exercises can improve your stiffness and give you more movement. Move your joints through the full range of motion possible. For example, raise your arm over your head and roll the shoulders both forward and backward. Do this with any joints.

Strength Training Exercise: To get the best results for your hard work, do incorporate some strength training exercise. Strength training has a design to make muscles stronger. When you increase a muscle’s strength, you also improve your ability to avoid injury. Giving your muscles more strength also can help to reduce the strain place on joints. Choose muscle strengthening exercises like light weight training. Be sure you take a day off in between these workouts to allow your muscles to heal.

Yoga: If you are hoping for another type of exercise that is less demanding, think about yoga. Yoga can help you to increases flexibility and improve your overall range of motion. It is best to work with a trainer or to take a yoga class before trying yoga on your own. Another similar option is Tai chi; this can help to improve your balance so you can avoid falling.

These exercises do improve arthritis joint pain. It may seem like a lot of work to get to that point, but you will notice overall health improvement by increasing your body’s ability to function. In addition, you will feel good about yourself when you are exercising. Many individuals with joint pain from arthritis feel limited or depressed. Exercises for joint pain can actually improve your condition and help you to feel good about yourself.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you really want to beat arthritis you need a plan. Research has shown that exercise and raising the body’s pH level alone can begin working to reverse arthritis in as little as 7 days. You can stop the scourge of arthritis and live a normal pain-free life.

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