Exercise – The Key to Safe Weight Loss

Exercise – The Key to Safe Weight Loss

Article by R. G. King

Exercise is the missing piece in the puzzle of safe weight loss. Even with the best diet plan, if exercise is missing, then all your efforts to achieve and maintain your perfect figure become futile. Losing weight is about increasing your energy output and decreasing your input. To increase your expenditure, the most efficient way is by working your muscles and letting them move about. Here are some of the simple activities you can perform without enrolling in fitness gyms.


Jogging is a good cardiovascular exercise. You can do the activity without leaving your home. Jog in place for 15 to 30 minutes and you will feel a rise in your breathing and heart rate. Within this short span, you will burn approximately 50 calories. By increasing the time you spend doing it, you also increase the amount of calories burned.


Dancing is an excellent exercise for weight loss. Depending on the type of dance, you can move almost every part of your body. You can work on your upper body, your hips and down to your legs. With 30 minutes to one hour of dancing, you can lose an average of 100 calories.


If you are into water sports, swimming is one of the best safe weight loss exercises. With the hand stokes and leg movements you do, you burn 95 – 130 calories an hour, depending on the intensity. Aside from the enjoyment and relaxation it provides, it helps you lose weight fast. If you keep this as habit, expect visible results in as early as one month.


Bicycles are one of the most traditional modes of transportation for many parts of the world. Aside from being earth friendly, bicycling will help you reduce your excess pounds. With only one hour you spend with the activity, you burn around 100 calories.

Exercises are always a part of successful and safe weight loss plan. If you remove them from your weight loss program, your perfect figure will probably not last.

About the Author

This article was written by R. G. King, a retiree, who likes to stay healthy, fit and well groomed. For information on items that will help you with your weight loss and grooming visit: Omron Digital Pedometer and Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

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