Exercise: A simple and easy way to reduce your anxiety

Exercise: A simple and easy way to reduce your anxiety

Article by Leena Jenkins

One of the things I like about dogs is their natural exuberance. The way they get so excited by the simple idea of fresh air and walks. The way they love so much running, put their blood flowing through their veins.

Whether they live on a farm surrounded by fields, or in the city, on top of an apartment building, they need to exercise. This desire is born deep into their own natures. An active dog is a happy dog. But if, on the other side, you keep a dog locked inside the house 24 hours a day, if you fail to take them for a walk, or if you never throw a stick or a ball for the chase, he soon will completely miserable. His behavior will change. It may even eventually get sick. What was once a cheerful and energetic animal, will become a nervous and sad pet.

Those of us with high levels of anxiety and suffer from panic attacks, can learn from the happy and sad dogs in the world. By nature, we are not sedentary creatures, only our lifestyles put us like this. We used to hunt, gather food, walk to the river to fetch water and carry firewood to light the fire.

It is no longer the case.

These days, many of us spend their days sitting in front of the screens of our computers, and spent the nights on the couch in front of the TV stations. If we need to go somewhere, drive or take the bus or subway. We have become so accustomed to not exercise that we do not even realize that our inaction is hurting us both physically and emotionally.

We realize how we are becoming that poor dog locked up at home. The simple act of exercise is one of most powerful weapons as they have against anxiety.

Here’s why: Exercise releases adrenaline and all that that tension accumulated in your body, the same ones that might otherwise take to have a panic attack! If you have not exercised for some time, you will be surprised to see how relaxed you feel afterwards. Exercise improves blood circulation to your brain and stimulates the release of natural endorphins. These chemicals of pleasure will do wonders for your mood. Exercise is a wonderful distraction. Whether you’re doing yoga, playing tennis or just to take a long, energetic walk. Focus on this activity will allow you to alloy your mind of your worries and stress. Exercise will also put you in shape! Strengthening your heart and improve your lung capacity, your body will be better able to face the anxiety attacks. Exercise will improve your self-esteem. Not only make you look healthier, but also you will feel much better for having put into action. I can not really overemphasize how much change will you exercise to your life. Although you should not start jogging or join a gym if you do not want to. If you prefer to do something in your house, you could buy one of those exercise DVD that you can continue on your TV. Follow them for a few weeks and really get results that will amaze you.

There are many things in your life you can not control, but exercising more is one thing you can do.

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