Essential Yoga Supplies for the Budding Practitioner

Essential Yoga Supplies for the Budding Practitioner

Article by Yula Martel

When beginning yoga, the amount of information and choices can be overwhelming. In the last 30 years, the study of yoga has moved from select studios to all over the western world. Every day new forms of yoga are developed and introduced. From restorative yoga to power yoga, there is a type of yoga for almost every individual. So how do you know which yoga supplies are essential?

Whichever form of yoga you choose to practice, the main philosophy of connecting your mind and body will be emphasized. In order to do this it is essential that you are comfortable. One of the foundations of comfort is maintaining a hydrated and well rested body. Invest the money in a good water bottle, to ensure that you maintain hydration throughout your practice. Keep the water close to your mat and rehydrate periodically throughout your yoga session.

Pay attention to the type of clothing that you wear to your practice. It is not necessary to purchase any of the brand names that are popular today. However, you should look for good quality clothing that will allow your body to move in a variety of positions. Take the time to try on your yoga wear and practice moving it. If the clothing gets in your way or even worse chafes or irritates your body, put it back on the shelf. Other Essential Yoga Supplies:

If practicing at home, the main essential is a good, durable, water resistant yoga mat. The mat should be specifically designed for yoga and have clear cleaning and care instructions. Take the time to try out your yoga mat and ensure that the mat provides enough friction and support to complete some of the more challenging poses.

In addition to a good yoga mat, invest in some supportive tools such as yoga bricks and/or straps. These accessories will help take your yoga practice to the next level by increasing your flexibility and building strength. In addition, these yoga supplies can help provide the additional support to complete some of the more challenging poses.

If practicing outside of the home, invest in a quality yoga bag. A bag will protect your yoga mat from excess wear and tear and potential harm from the elements. In addition, some bags have additional pockets and clips to help carry your yoga accessories, wallet and keys. Investing some money in a quality bag, can make your journey to that studio that much more enjoyable.

When choosing which yoga supplies to buy consider what you will be doing in your practice. Each form of yoga has its own unique needs as does each individual. Consider the needs of your own body and mind and the best way to support it in your yoga journey. For some individuals, this may mean supportive accessories such as bricks or bolsters and others may require aesthetic accessories such as a warm blanket or uplifting scents. Unlike other forms of exercise, there is no list of required supplies for yoga. The only requirement is a commitment to be true to yourself and your practice.

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Yula M. brings 15 years of experience practicing and teaching yoga in the U.S. She also serves on the board at Yoga mats If this article inspires you to start practicing yoga, all you need is a yoga mat which can be easily bought at Yoga Supplies and you are ready to take the first step on a unique journey of self-realization and healthy living.

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