Eoin Finn Yoga + Blissology Teacher Training

A lot of people think that becoming a yoga instructor consists of learning to teach a basic form of fitness. Really, it is one of the most intense commitments one can make. To be a good yoga teacher, you need to understand anatomy as well as an orthopedic surgeon, be able to grasp philosophy like a university professor and become aware of the human soul like a priest. Furthermore being a good yoga teacher requires us to practice what we preach and gain the skills to handle hardships in life so we can maintain a high level of personal energy and integrity that allows us to give immensely to others. If these skills are things you desire, then this unique, comprehensive and powerful course will fill you with confidence to teach what you love. We will cover yoga philosophy, sequencing, conscious alignment, yoga as therapy and lifestyle, tools that will be invaluable in making you a great teacher and a positive force in the world. Because my major life mission is about bringing the energy from my deep connection to Nature into the world, I want to offer the second half of this course in a retreat setting. A place where we can leave our daily concerns behind, immerse ourselves in the wonder of being alive and surround ourselves with a community of other people on a similar bliss path. A place where we can fully absorb the immensity of the life-transforming commitment of becoming a yoga instructor. That place is one of my favourite spots on the planet, Ucluelet, BC. Namaste

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